This category contains games that have been developed and released by the girlsgogames team. Imagine this: a huge site filled with games for girls of all different genres and categories! This is just a dream!

Dress up, beauty salon and medicine are the most favorite GirlsGoGames!

If you ask girls what genres of online games they like the most, they will definitely name games of dress up, games of makeup or hairstyles, as well as games of manicure, that is, all those categories that can be combined under the general name "games of beauty salon". Also, the girls will definitely name medical games.

The love of all girls for the genre of dress up games can be understood, because every girl is a fashionista at heart. She loves changing outfits and buying as many beautiful clothes as possible. Dress up games allow each girl to purchase the maximum amount of clothes for free.

If you love beauty salon games, then you have a good opportunity to try yourself in the role of a beautician, hairdresser, nail designer. In these games you will go through all the procedures that will make you beautiful.

Medicine games reflect the love of all girls for the medical profession. We all played doctor when we were little kids. And now, thanks to girlsgogames games, you have the opportunity to try the medical profession from the inside.

Cooking, farming and animal games on GirlsGoGames

GirlsGoGames has cooking, farming, and animal games. Because agricultural games are simulations of a genuine farm, you have the option to visit one in the girlsgogames games category. By investing the profits in the farm's development, you may learn to sow and grow plants, harvest, process, and sell crops.

Girls enjoy playing farm girlsgogames games because there are usually a lot of animals on the farm. Zoo games are among the animal games available, in which each girl is given the option to start her own zoo and grow it while caring for the animals. Cooking games for females are also highly popular, as every girl enjoys cooking and experimenting with new recipes.

What makes GirlsGoGames unique?

Girls all around the world adore girlsgogames games because they are always pleasant, bright, and lovely. Traditionally, all girls' games have been created in pink. Famous dolls and heroines from cartoons and films, as well as TV programs for females, are the protagonists of such games.

Disney princesses, a Barbie doll and her numerous sisters and girlfriends, Bratz dolls, and other well-known figures are all likely to appear here. In the girlsgogames games category, you will undoubtedly get the opportunity to meet a broad range of celebrities.

Not only do they get to know each other, but they also get to pick out a lovely gown for them, get their hair done, receive a massage, or fix aesthetic issues. All of the games on girlsgogames are lovely and upbeat, with no cruelty, evil, violence, or gloomy hues. They do, however, have a lot of sparkle and glam, trendy costumes, and lovely music. Here, all females of all ages will undoubtedly enjoy themselves.