In those distant times, when neither computers nor the Internet were invented, board games, crosswords and puzzles were the main entertainment for people.

One of the most beloved entertainments of people in the days when no one knew about computers was sudoku. This puzzle was loved by people of all ages and continue to love it ever since. Many print publications, newspapers and magazines still print Sudoku in the leisure section on the last page. They also produce special thin Sudoku brochures that people carry with them to solve Sudoku in transport. Of course, a much more convenient option is online sudoku, which will always be with you in your gadget.

What are sudoku?

Sudoku is a type of puzzle in which the player will have to perform actions with numbers. Sudoku has many different names: magic square, Latin square. The playing field sudoku games is a 9 × 9 square, divided into cells so that the number of cells is 81.

Initially, hints are already inscribed in the sudoku games cells - these are numbers from 1 to 9. Next, the player must fill in the remaining cells so that such a figure no longer appears in his row, column and small square.

The sudoku category offers puzzle options of varying difficulty levels. The simplest sudoku are solved within minutes, but solving higher level sudoku takes not only hours, but days.

If sudoku are composed correctly, then there can be only one solution. Although today there are many complicated sudoku in which several solutions are allowed.

History of sudoku games

Historians know that the inventor of sudoku was a man named Leonard Euler. In the 18th century he invented a game he called "Carré latin". Later, towards the end of the 20th century, various logical number puzzles were invented in the USA based on the Latin square, which gained unprecedented popularity. The very first sudoku game appeared in 1979 in one of the American magazines.

What are the types of sudoku games?

On the internet gaming sites, you can find a huge number of varieties of sudoku games. This is a Sudoku puzzle where the playing field is not a square, but any other arbitrary figure. These are Shidoku or sudoku, in which the square has a reduced size of 4x4, as well as various other types and sizes of sudoku.

Some sudoku have additional areas that need to be filled in as well. Among these puzzles are diagonal sudoku.

Another common type of Sudoku is those in which you need to fill in numbers so that you can display equal amounts on the side or diagonally. There are also sudoku games, where squares can be painted in different colors, and even numbers and odd numbers can be inscribed in squares of different colors.

There is a type of sudoku , combined with chess, and the way to fill the sudoku is to repeat the moves of the chess pieces.