Do you know what the first police games were? Do you know where the police comes from? Do you know what it takes to join the slender ranks of law enforcement officers? All this knowledge and skills can be learned if you play police games.

Who are the police?

Probably there is no boy who would not dream of becoming a policeman. The police exist in every state, because this service has a high responsibility: the police protect public order and our security. The main thing that the police must do is to prevent the crime, to keep order so vigilantly as to notice the forthcoming crime and stop it. It is for this purpose that police patrol the streets and carefully monitor that no one violates the law.

The main enemies of the police are, of course, criminals. Unfortunately, there are still many scammers and villains on our streets. And only police officers can cope with them and cleanse the city from criminals.

The profession of a policeman is very dangerous. Every day, these valiant people risk their lives, speaking out against criminals face to face.

What genres of police games are there?

The work of the police is connected with danger, therefore, chases and shootings are necessarily present in it. Police always carry weapons, but they must be used wisely.

If you choose police games, then these will be games in the genre of detective quest, adventure, role-playing story games. It can also be shooting games or racing in police cars.

Logic police games are also very popular, because working in the police involves investigating various crimes. This means that you have to think and analyze a lot in order to unravel the crime and find the culprit.

If you play games about the air police, then to work you will need the ability to control an aircraft, a helicopter or an airplane. Such games are usually combined with aircraft simulators.

Who likes police games?

Of course, the largest number of fans of police games are among the boys. For many of them, serving in the police in the future is a childhood dream. In such games, boys have the opportunity to try themselves as police officers, to look at this profession from the inside.

Also, girls like these games, because for girls the police profession is always associated with romance, and the policeman himself seems to girls a romantic hero who always rushes to the rescue if trouble happens.

And also among fans of police games there are a lot of adults who in childhood also dreamed of serving in the police, but due to certain circumstances they chose a profession for a friend. These people have not yet died out the desire for justice. The vocation to protect people and fight crime is still in their hearts. Such games will help them realize their desire. These games are an opportunity for them to fight crime in the virtual world.

Among games there are many who train logical thinking and the analytical mind well. According to psychologists, this is a very good training for memory and the ability to think and analyze.