What do you think about when you hear the mention of fantasy games? Of course, fairy tales and fictional worlds immediately come to mind. And yet the world of fantasy games is significantly different from the world of fairy tales. It is not for nothing that a whole separate genre has formed in contemporary art, which is called "fantasy".

What is the fantasy genre?

In modern art, the fantasy genre was formed not so long ago. It would be more correct to say that the preconditions for the emergence of such a genre have appeared since the fifteenth century, but only in the twentieth century, works with certain characteristics began to be singled out into a separate genre, which was called "fantasy". This is the name for works of fiction, cinema, animation, fine art, as well as computer online video fantasy games, which use fabulous motives or heroes and images from mythology.

John Tolkien, who wrote the novel "The Lord of the Rings", is considered the ancestor of modern fantasy.

Games related to the games genre are extremely popular all over the world. Adults are ardent fans of such games, among adult players there are even more fans of fantasy games than children. Why do they like these games? With the help of fantasy games, each person has a chance to leave the hateful reality into the magical world, where all desires can really be fulfilled.

What are fantasy games?

Fantasy games often have a lot of adventures, they can be stylized for a certain historical era, but the worlds in which the game takes place are always fictional. They can overlap in their style or events with the Middle Ages in human history.

A distinctive feature of fantasy games is that the main characters face different mythical or supernatural creatures during the course of the plot. Some of these creatures are on the side of the hero, and some are their enemies.

Games in the games category are often filled with battles, they combine a variety of types and genres, but the main genre of such games is MMORPG.

The fantasy games world is necessarily filled with magic, so not all events in it can be explained in terms of science or at least common sense. The laws of nature in our standard understanding may not work in such a world.

How fantasy games differ from fantastic games?

Games in the genre of fiction, just like the genre of fiction itself, seeks to explain the world around us in terms of fantastic hypotheses and assumptions, seeks to give everything a scientific interpretation.

We can say that in games in the fantasy genre, the world in which the events take place is the real world, only transformed by the author's fantasy, augmented reality. In fantasy games, the world is initially fictional. It can be a world on earth or even several parallel worlds, it can be a cosmic or otherworldly world. In such a world, both mythological beings, gods, and beings on the other side of evil can coexist. Often in such a fictional world of fantasy games, many worlds and creatures are mixed, which can be representatives of different ethnic mythologies - dragons and princesses, fairies and trolls, ghouls and mountain gnomes.