The goblin games category contains games dedicated to such interesting and mysterious creatures as goblins. Someone thinks they are dangerous, while others think that they are cute. In online goblin games you will meet both dangerous and cute goblins, and you can also play with them.

Who are the goblins?

Goblins are very human. These are creatures from fairy tales and legends that cannot stand the light of the sun, therefore they live in caves underground. At first, goblins existed only in fairy tales and legends of European peoples, but gradually they spread to the whole world, and people began to use the image of a goblin with pleasure in their books, films and computer games.

Some books say that goblins were once ordinary people. They had to hide underground after the king took a dislike to these people. Goblins had to live underground in caves for many centuries, so their appearance changed, people began to fear such people and call them goblins.

What do goblins look like?

Most often, it is indicated that goblins are very similar to humans. But in fairy tales, goblins are described as very ugly creatures. Many legends say that goblins can transform into a human. And in such cases, the goblin can be recognized by several signs: they have long ears, their eyes resemble those of a cat, and they have long nails on their hands. So that they are not declassified, goblins hide their ears under a hat, wear gloves on their hands, and glasses on their eyes.

The image of the goblins that can be found in goblin games can be very different. It depends on the imagination of the designers. Most often, you can find such goblins as John Tolkien invented them in his story about the hobbits, or as the author of the book about Harry Potter invented them. In many goblin games, goblins resemble gnomes or pixies in their appearance.

What goblin games do we have?

When you start playing goblin games, you will have the opportunity to get to know these amazing creatures better. Often such games have a historical plot, since goblins came to us from the Middle Ages. Exciting clan wars, battles with bows and arrows, defense of medieval castles from attacks of goblins and knightly armor are waiting for you.

The main genre of goblin games is battles and battles. But you can also find exciting quests and adventures in which you will need to be able to think logically and solve problems and puzzles. There are also quite a few goblin games in the strategy genre, elements of which are always present in battle games.

Goblin games are most often located in underground caves, so among these games you can often find maze games in which you need to find the right path. Goblins will block your path in every possible way and build traps and barriers on the way.

For fans of creative games, there are also interesting goblin games, since goblins are fun to draw and color. And in the category of puzzle games, you can find beautiful pictures with episodes from famous cartoons about goblins or popular films. Once you complete such a puzzle to the end, you can save your picture as a souvenir, print and insert into a frame.