Dora the little girl is the hero of a series of educational game cartoons, which all young children around the planet enjoy playing.

Your way to discover the world - dora games

Not a single episode of the Dora cartoon goes by without the main character and her friends making some kind of discovery. Dora opens a new world, and together with her we discover a new world too. These are very educational stories, and dora games are also educational in nature. But what distinguishes dora games from school lessons is that we acquire new knowledge in a fun and interesting way, because each game about Dora is a small colorful and fun adventure.

Do not forget about Dora's purple backpack and map, because these two elements constantly help Dora on her adventures and provide the necessary clues.

Dora and her friends are characters in dora games

Dora is a very nice and friendly Hispanic girl. She is always happy to make new friends, so you can safely join a large and friendly company.

Dora's best friend is Tiko the squirrel. Dora is also friends with a monkey named Boots.

During the game, Dora may meet Swiper. This is a fox who is constantly trying to steal something. To prevent the Swiper fox from doing this, Dora, together with the guys who watch the cartoon or play online games, must say: "Swiper no swiping".

If Dora meets "Grumpy Old Troll", then she and everyone who helps Dora in her adventures will have to solve a riddle or puzzle.

What genres of dora games do we have?

All dora games, in their genre diversity, repeat the cartoons about the girl Dora. Therefore, the main genre of dora games is quests. Such quests are designed for the smallest children, so the tasks there are quite simple and have a developing character.

But also among the genres of dora games there are games in the genre of coloring, drawing, as well as a huge number of fashionable dress up games in which every girl can happily come up with a new outfit or a new hairstyle for Dora.

Games in the dora games category are as popular as the cartoons themselves. But the popularity of the cartoon was so overwhelming that its creators were awarded the most prestigious awards many times.

Dora games are very useful for toddlers because they teach numbers and counting, English and even rules of conduct. If you go on a bike ride with Dora, you will learn all about the bike and the rules of movement on this vehicle. You can play Dora golf or fight the flies, you can go in search of numbers or practice the art of making bouquets of flowers.

Dora games are built in such a way that the user not only tells Dasha how to act in a given situation, but he himself takes part in all the adventures. One of Dora's favorite pastimes is puzzles, so games often contain elements of such a puzzle, and the user can train the brain and learn to think logically.