Of course, pacman games do not need to be introduced, because everyone knows a hero like pacman.

What is pacman games?

Pac-Man or pacman is a game that belongs to the arcade genre. The author and developer of this game is Namco from Japan. This is one of the old classic games, which immediately fell in love with so many.

The essence of pacman games is that the pacman character must move around the maze and eat all the points in this maze. The player controls pacman using the keyboard key or buttons, and also makes sure that pacman does not meet ghosts, which are many in the maze, and they move around, trying to overtake the main character. Meeting with ghosts is fraught with pacman death, that is, the loss of one life.

The game is designed so that with each higher level only the game becomes more complicated. The architecture of the maze remains unchanged. The developers thought up 256 levels of pacman games. A feature of the last level is that it cannot be completed, because an overflow error occurs.

The story of pacman games

Since in the 70s of the last century the main part of online games was focused mainly on men and was published in the form of shooters, one of the Namco employees had the idea to develop a game that would also appeal to girls or women, and indeed would be in demand among players of all ages.

Interestingly, pacman games did not achieve much popularity in their homeland in Japan. But the game was very warmly received by Western users. People of all ages especially liked the fact that there was no element of violence in this game. The popularity of pacman games began to grow, and soon the developers created game options for any gaming platform.

Pacman Games Rules

The rules of the game are quite simple: pacman must move around the maze, eat circles and avoid meeting with ghosts. It is important for the user to know that the ghosts in the game are provided for different types and they behave differently. There is a ghost of Blinky red, it is focused on the pursuit of pacman, can increase its speed due to eaten points. A pink ghost sits in ambush and hunts down a pacman. And also there is a blue ghost Inky, the movement of which is difficult to predict, so it is the most dangerous among ghosts.

From the very moment of its release, pacman games keeps statistics of player records. There is even a man who set a pacman games record of 3,333,360 after passing 256 levels, and during this time he did not lose a single life, collected all bonuses and points and destroyed ghosts. This happened on July 3, 1999, and this man was called Billy Mitchell.

Interestingly, the developer and creator of the game, Toru Ivatani, didn’t make much money from creating such a cool game, which is now classified as a classic: the creator of the game received only a small bonus for creating this game.

After the release of the original game, many versions and variations of pacman games began to be created. The pacman game was called the most famous game in the history of the existence of computer games, and Pacman himself earn the title of the most famous character from video games.