The name of the armor games genre is associated with the name of a major online game developer Armor Games, which has occupied a steady niche in the direction of online games since 2004, when it was founded.

Today, Armor Games has become a well-known brand in the world of online games. Its logo in the form of a shield and a sword, as well as special music that sounds at the beginning of each game, can be seen on the most famous games of the brand, such as GemCraft or Fancy Pants Adventure.

History of the Armor Games brand

At the very beginning of its existence, Armor Games was just a website that quickly became popular because it featured cool flash games. The home of the Armor Games brand is Irvine, a town in the California (USA). Small teams of developers under the leadership of Daniel McNeely created these games. They were talented people with original ideas.

Armor Games offered a variety of games on its website: action-adventure games, RPG, strategy, tower-defense, and others. All browser-based flash games offered by the Armor Games website were free. Among them were very useful logic games, math games, arcade games and puzzles.
Players are very fond of the game worlds of Armor Games, It’s are conveniently arranged, and each user can create their own profile and chat with other users.

Armor Games Studios is a sponsor and curator of such well-known games as the GemCraft and Kingdom Rush line, as well as developing and publishing indie games for mobile apps, Steam and game consoles.

Features Of Armor Games

Armor Games have many fans around the world, not only because they are free, but also because of the lack of annoying ads and because of the excellent and talented graphic design. Armor Games have a good adaptive potential and a first-class gameplay.
Armor games are exciting battles that you can fight with tanks or robots, ships or planes. They have one thing in common: the excitement of battle!
When you start armor games, you turn into a commander who has the fate of an entire army in his hands.

A few examples of armor games

Tanks A Lot! – One of the most interesting games from Armor Games. It is an arena where several users can fight with a group of enemies at the same time. In a number of armor games. This game was called one of the best. Tanks A Lot! gives the player a wide range of options to customize your tank for yourself, offers really interesting and original models, you can choose a suitable head from a variety of options, which include guns, laser beams, machine guns, and flamethrowers.

If you chose Jet Lancer game, then be ready to fight in the air. Imagine that in the distant future, you have become a desperate mercenary who tasked to start hunting for enemy aircraft. In the future, everything is cooler and more fantastic, so you will fight with robots, and run away from them at the speed of sound.

NAUTICRAWL - imagine that you only have one chance to escape: steal a strange car and use it to fly away from a planet that is going to kill you. NAUTICRAWL is the very machine that you have yet to learn how to control, and you still do not know what to expect from this strange mechanism. But there is no time for learning, so you will have to do it at the same time as saving your own life.