The main characters of unicorn games are unicorns. Until now, people argue about whether these amazing animals really existed or are just an invention of writers or cartoon authors. But one thing is for sure: they really exist in unicorn games.

Who is a unicorn?

The unicorn came to us from myths and legends. Ancient peoples talked about the unicorn as a creature that is a symbol of spiritual purity and chastity, the search for light. The unicorn looks like a horse with one horn growing on its forehead.

The unicorn first appeared in myths and legends almost four thousand years ago. He appeared frequently in the tales of the Indian people. Over time, this unique unicorn games hero has been mentioned in Asian myths.

The ancient Greeks and ancient Romans believed that unicorns really exist. The ancient Egyptians also depicted unicorns on their monuments, and even Africans drew unicorns on the rocks.

Only in the fifth century did the unicorn appear in Western tales and legends. They began to endow unicorns with magical properties. They described that if someone drinks water from the horn of a killed unicorn, he will be forever protected from any disease.

Julius Caesar wrote that unicorns live in the western forests.

Where did unicorns come from in unicorn games

Unicorns appeared in Western culture, and then migrated to films, cartoons and unicorn games after medieval mythology began to massively use their images. In their fairy tales, Western peoples described that unicorns were used instead of horses and mules by sorceresses and sorceresses. They said that it was impossible for an ordinary person to meet a unicorn, and if he did, that a person would not leave this meeting alive. It was also mentioned that only a golden bridle can capture and tame a unicorn.

In unicorn games, unicorns often play the role of the main characters, and according to the plot they have to fight different enemies. Medieval legends told that the enemies of unicorns are traditionally a lion and an elephant, but in unicorn games the protagonists have to fight other opponents.

What genres of unicorn games are there?

Games with unicorns as the main characters offer many different genres. Users love to draw unicorns very much. Of course, the graphics of unicorn games represent different versions of the image of these amazing animals. They often repeat the images that famous artists painted in their paintings and tapestries throughout the history of mankind. In unicorn games, you can find a unicorn in the image in which Hieronymus Bosch and Duve portrayed him, but most often they use images that came to us from beautiful and colorful cartoons.

The plots of unicorn games can also be very different. Often, plots use those stories that were borrowed from literature and cinema, from cartoons. The unicorn adventure is filled with fairytale events, battles and magic. In unicorn games, there are genres of adventure and arcade games, logic games and educational games for the youngest children, as well as dress up games and makeover games? in which everyone can come up with their own unicorn image and choose a wonderful outlook for him.