This category contains games, the plot of which is concentrated around the chase. The chase is part of any adventure, because it combines all the ingredients for a real explosion of emotions: speed, sense of danger, adrenaline and competition.

Components of any pursuit

The chase is unique. The essence of this phenomenon lies in the fact that the character moves at the highest possible speed from the pursuer, who is pursuing the character for a specific reason or for a specific purpose.

The chase is always very exciting, so all adventure games must include a chase element.

The first element of the chase is danger. Since the pursuer is chasing the character for a specific purpose, he is a danger to the character. If the character is a victim, then the one who pursues him is either a criminal or a dangerous creature (an animal that can kill or harm a person, a monster, a zombie, an alien, a ghost, a soldier of an enemy army). If the character is himself a stalker, then he is pursuing a criminal or someone who could be dangerous if he is not caught up and destroyed or rendered harmless.

The second element of the chase is speed. Both the escaper and the pursuer move at a very high speed, since they use all the resources of their body in order to hide from the pursuit or achieve the goal. The feeling of speed - it always excites a person's emotions.

In what ways can you pursue a victim or run away from a pursuit?

Since the main goal of each chase in chase games is to catch up with someone or run away from someone, the modes of movement can be both the body's own resources, and all possible modes of movement, modes of transport.

You can use a cool car to chase or run away from the police on a simple motorcycle. You can also fly an airplane or spaceship chasing space rogues as a space police.

If you like sports, then you will have the opportunity to use racing cars or mountain bike, snowboard or skate for chase games.

Also in chase games there are characters who can fly and swim at high speed without using any means of transport. Typically such plots and characters are found in fantasy chase games.

What chase games do we have?

We bring you the most exciting chase games. You can choose for yourself those that you will definitely like with their realistic three-dimensional graphics, an interesting plot and rich and colorful locations.

If you play police games, then you should understand that while chasing a criminal, the policeman needs to remember that the criminal may be armed. He will shoot back during the chase, and you can get hurt if you are not careful enough. You should keep an eye on your surroundings, as intruders who will also try to unsettle you during the chase may ambush the criminal.

All chase games on our portal are made with high quality and realistic, have an exciting interesting plot and will definitely help you to spend your time with pleasure.