If you remember the time when the first online games began to appear, it means that you have witnessed the emergence of games that are now called classic games.

Modern classic games are the very first computer games that have undergone many transformations during their existence, and today they are presented in an updated format.

How classic games started

When the first computer games began, they could only be played using game consoles for the TV. It was a very limited set of games, and not all of them have survived. Many of those first games ceased to exist as technology stepped forward, and the entire gaming industry with them.

But there were such classic games that survived all the news, and not only survived, but also adapted to them, experienced a new and new birth, and now they are not inferior in quality of execution to many of the latest games.

What games can be called classic games?

The most famous classic games include famous balls or lines. This is one of the most popular genres of logic games that have existed for a very long time. Such games are downloaded to almost all smartphones in the world, installed on each desktop. They are played by bosses, subordinates, and housewives, and those who spend long hours in traffic jams.

Another famous form of classic games is the well-known legendary tetris. This game first appeared on small gaming gadgets in which there was not even a color image yet. And since then there have been so many types and options of Tetris, now even 3D models of such a game exist.

Also in the classic games category there are many arcades, shooters and rpg games such as pacman. Classic games include the famous paintball.
Who is a fan of games?

It will be wrong to think that among fans of classic games there are only middle-aged people who still remember the appearance of all these games on game consoles. In reality, there are many young people among people who like retro games.

Retro games seem to modern young people concise and simple, devoid of unnecessary unnecessary details. Such games offer the game process in its purest form, where there is only room for the player and his logical thinking.

Modern developers cannot understand the secret of the popularity of classic games, but they can only respectfully create clones of existing games or their modifications.

Today, the popularity of classic games is explained by the fact that the initial versions of such games are known to all, so many are interested in seeing the new version and appreciating the imagination of the developers.

Therefore, today we can see variants of the famous game of balls, where instead of balls you move sea urchins or cosmic bodies change places with each other in outer space. Also, strange creatures, snakes or even living people can act as tetris figures. Among the famous arcades in the games category, you can find interesting interpretations of already beloved heroes.