If you are secretly dreaming about sea travel, then the category boat games is just the entertainment for you. Here are collected games in which the plots are related to marine vehicles - boats, ships, sailing ships and other floating vehicles.

Who loves boat games?

Boat games users can fall into several categories:

are boys who dream of a career as a sailor. Such boys love everything related to the sea, river, ocean or other bodies of water. These boys know for sure that when they grow up, they will definitely become sailors. Therefore, they prepare in advance: they study the types of boats and ships, observe how the work of sailors is boiling on boats and ships.

- these are men who served in the navy or dreamed of becoming sailors someday, but fate turned to the other side. Such men like to take the chance to feel like they are on a ship, at least in the virtual world. Of all games, such men really like boat or ship simulators, where the game is made so realistic that it might seem to the player that he is driving a real ship.

- these are girls who love romantic stories related to the sea and travel. Among boat games for such girls, there are many interesting drawings and coloring pages.

- there are a lot of users of all ages who just love good races, shooters, arcade games and role-playing games.

What boat games do we have?

We invite you to go on a trip with boat games. We have a lot of such stories, and all of them will definitely appeal to users. Anything can happen to you during your sea voyages, which is why boat games travel often combines the plots of shooters, races, quests and many other genres.

If you play arcade games, then you will also have to complete many other tasks and go through a variety of stories: in boat games, fights, races and elements of sea combat are not excluded.

Sea battle is the most common boat game

Their most famous boat game is Sea Battle. Its rules assume that each player has his own map, on which he places his ships. The task of his opponent is to randomly name the coordinates of the map, trying to guess where his ships are and sink them.

Sea battle is one of the most favorite games of schoolchildren, because you can play it without any gadgets and devices: just have a lined sheet of paper and a pen or pencil in your hands.

The game of Sea Battle is often mentioned in a variety of TV series and films, there are many TM shows that are built on the principle of the game Sea Battle.

If you love to play Sea Battle, then you will have well-developed tactical and strategic skills. Such a game helps to develop attention and analytical thinking, logic and the ability to calculate actions in advance.

Also, on the basis and principle of this game, many online boat games were created.