From the era of the earliest computer games, pixel games came to us, but they still have whole armies of loyal fans.

What are pixel games

Pix element or pixel is a kind of digital image that was created in a bitmap graphics editor. A distinctive feature of such graphics is that it consists of dots. Also, such graphics have a low resolution, so the points that make up the image are very easy to see.

This type of graphics was invented at a time when the industry of the gaming world was just beginning to develop, and computers and game consoles had little functionality. With such graphics, you could get a clear image only with pixel graphics.

Creating an image from pixels is a very painstaking job, the creators of the pixel art manually edited each pixel. There is practically no anti-aliasing in such an image, and the amount of color gamut is limited.

Over time, technology developed, the image became more and more perfect, and games with pixel graphics gradually faded into the category of obsolete.

New life of pixel games

As technology has advanced, games have been given new life. Modern users have appreciated this technology. Pixel graphics are very useful for those users who are just starting to learn the styles of computer graphics, because with its help training is more accessible and visual. With pixel art, you can learn to draw, even if you don't have much artistic talent.

Such graphics do not require large computer resources, do not use a lot of computer RAM.

Gradually, the pixel games genre returned to the gaming world, and its popularity is growing every year. Many games have appeared, stylized as gaming consoles of the eighties. Retro games - that's how they call games, they are classified as classics.

In the modern world, you can see the use of pixel graphics in advertising, animation, and cinema. Many games on mobile phones and computer game consoles are created in the pixel games style.

What are pixel games

Modern pixel games are created on the basis of modern technologies, so in them pixel graphics only look like classic, but are improved.

Among the most popular games genres are shooters and racing, battle and adventure games, as well as classic arcade games.

The most famous series of online games in the Minecraft world is created exactly in the pixel games style. Many construction games and online constructors are created in the style of pixel games, because it is very easy and interesting to build and create shapes from such pixels. Each user has the opportunity not only to play such games, but also to create game worlds on their own, supplement them the way he likes. Drawing games also have the ability to create amazing paintings from pixels, real works of art.

Now the pixel games style is already an independent genre with distinctive features. He is recognized and loved by many. There are entire world communities of pixel games fans.