There are probably no other characters on earth whose names and images would be so fanned with romance and mystery as the images of pirates.
Who are the pirates? Where and when did they come from? Let's get it right.

Who are the pirates?

Translated from the Greek language, the word "pirates" means those who rob people, that is, robbers. But this word was always applicable to those robbers who robbed precisely ships - either sea or air.

This word is used now, pirates are called criminals who attack vehicles on water or in the air.

The first mention of pirates dates back to the ancient period, as they called those who robbed ships in the Mediterranean, even Homer himself mentioned them. It is known that as soon as the first ships appeared, the first pirates appeared.

Later, in the Middle Ages, piracy began to flourish again: then the concept of “boarding” appeared, when the pirate ship was approaching the ship that it was going to capture, the pirates pulled the ship to themselves with special cats, and then ran across to the injured ship and robbed it. At the same time, the famous flag of the Jolly Roger pirates appeared.

When the first Spanish colonies appeared on the coast of America, those who wanted to rob the ships that brought goods and materials to these colonies appeared. Such pirates were called filibusters.

Pirates in the modern world

In the modern world, pirates are still found. Well-known Somali pirates are in fear of shipping all over the world. And in the modern world of pirates can be found in online pirate games.

They migrated there from famous films and TV shows. The films of the Pirates of the Caribbean series played a significant role in the popularity of pirates with Johnny Depp as captain Jack Sparrow.

Pirates are present in many other films. Many adventure novels mention pirates. Even in children's tales and stories like Peter Pan and Treasure Island, there are pirate heroes.

Increasingly, in books or films it is fashionable to meet the words that a pirate is a noble robber. Nothing noble, of course, in the pirates is not and never was. But they know how to fight and win, but this cannot be taken from them.

What are pirate games?

There are different options and genres of pirate games: if you want to make an adventure journey across the sea, then you better play a large-scale role-playing game, a pirate quest or a powerful story arcade.

But if you wanted to just for a moment feel the taste of pirate romance, then you can turn your attention to mini-games in which the protagonists are pirates.

Such games can be represented in the form of logic games, rpg games, maze games or racing games on ships. Most often, pirate games necessarily include shooting games or fights, because it’s hard to come up with more cocky people than pirates. They rush into the fray whenever they think that someone has not shown respect for them.