The ping pong games category contains games in which you will have the opportunity to learn how to play wonderful and funny ping pong.

What is ping pong?

The Olympic sport ping pong games is a game played by people all over the world. You don't have to be an athlete to play ping pong. This requires a special table, rackets and a special light ball. And like-minded people are also needed. You can play ping pong games with two or four people.

The essence of ping pong game is to prevent the ball from leaving the tennis table by hitting it with a racket as soon as it bounces off the table in your half. The game in ping pong is played up to 11 points, and there must be an odd number of parties.

History of ping pong games

People started to play ping pong in the 19th century, but this game was officially recognized as a sport already in 1926, and ping pong games athletes joined the Olympic Games at the very end of the last century. It would be correct to call this sport not ping pong, but table tennis, since ping pong is the name of one of the types of table tennis.

But the name of table tennis became so due to the fact that these words resemble the sound with which the ball bounces off the racket, and the sound with which the ball hits the tennis table.

Historians believe that ping pong appeared due to the fact that in rainy England they loved to hold tennis matches, but the weather constantly made adjustments to the holding of matches. Therefore, over time, they came up with a kind of tennis that can be played even in a small indoor area. At first, ping pong was played on the floor, and only later did they come up with a special table.

After ping pong became an Olympic sport, the game changed. For example, after the 2000 Australian Olympics, the ball diameter for ping pong game was increased.

What ping pong games do we have?

The ping pong games category features sports competition simulators. In front of you is a table tennis table, a racket and an opponent opposite. You have to play ping pong game according to all the rules.

For those who are just starting to understand the rules of this game, a training mode will be offered, where you can learn all the rules of ping pong games and practice the game. After learning, start playing from the simplest level, gradually climbing higher on the rating table and improving your skills.

For younger players, famous cartoon and TV series characters - ponies, dolls, teenage mutant ninja turtles, anime heroes and superheroes - are invented as characters in ping pong games. Playing with such characters is fun and exciting. You will be able to control your favorite hero, compete with his enemy, and defeat him.

All ping pong games are executed in colorful minimalistic graphics, equipped with a pleasant soundtrack. Such games develop attention, eyes, logic and the ability to plan their actions and the actions of an opponent, to analyze the result.