The red ball games category contains games where the main character is the charming Red Ball. Who is this hero? It's time to get to know each other better!

Meet this Red Ball!

Our charming hero is one of the simplest and most beloved characters in online computer games. The character in red ball games is a regular red ball. His only difference from millions of other red balls is that he is very restless, he does not sit still and he is always trying to escape somewhere.

Periodically, such trips lead our hero to the next trouble. What troubles it is, you can find out if you play red ball games.

Although the Red Orb is a very kind creature, he is distinguished by courage and cunning, so it is not so easy for his enemies to outwit him. With the help of the player, the Red Ball will be able to overcome all obstacles.

The gray cube is the enemy of the red ball

Like any character in any computer game, the Red Ball has its enemies. Most often, the gray cube acts as an enemy in red ball games. Why is a meeting with a gray cube dangerous for the Red Ball? The gray cube believes that he is the most beautiful and intelligent in this world, so everyone should be like him. If the Red Ball collides with a gray cube, then it itself will turn into a gray cube, and this cannot be allowed. Therefore, with the help of the player, our character will fly, jump, teleport and dive, as well as think and reflect a lot, because this is the only way to solve problems and puzzles that periodically throw red ball games to the character.

The secret to the popularity of red ball games

Often, success is so unpredictable that no one can answer the question of what the formula for success is and whether it even exists.

There is an opinion among the developers of computer games that no matter how hard you try to improve the graphics and design of your new game, no matter how much you torment over the development of a new unique hero, success will suddenly collapse on some absurd random invention.

There are a huge number of such examples, and among them are red ball games.

No one can explain why the public liked the Red Ball so much, because there is nothing special about it. But the truth is that a simple-looking character in the most ordinary uncomplicated arcade games has become incredibly popular.

Fans of computer games are happy to follow the adventures of the Red Ball, waiting for new games with his participation. The secret of the popularity of red ball games lies in the fact that any of these games can be run on the simplest computer, it will work even at the lowest internet speed, and you don't need special skills to play this game.

While playing red ball games, people just have a good time watching the adventures of a charming character, just as simple a guy as most online game lovers.