The obstacle games category includes games in which the plot is built around the overcoming of certain obstacles by the character.

How to learn to overcome obstacles?

In everyday life, we have to overcome obstacles constantly. Not all our obstacles in everyday life are like those interesting and colorful tasks that online game developers offer. Not every person finds the strength, courage and ingenuity to overcome obstacles of any complexity.

For this, obstacle games were invented, which act as a kind of simulator with which you can learn to overcome obstacles and cope with difficulties.

We bring you a large collection of obstacle games. Here you will find games for every taste, for every age. Even the smallest children have a game to their liking.

Race cars and other vehicles, games with horses and everyday obstacles in the category obstacle games

You yourself can see that obstacles and barriers lie in wait for a person in all areas of his life.

In this category, you can play games in which the characters cope with obstacles in their everyday life. Sometimes walking down the hallway from the bedroom to the kitchen isn't as safe as you might think. Along the way, mortal dangers may lie in wait for you. Try to complete your quest with the characters of our obstacle games.

Also here you can find games in which you will be taught how to manage horses. If you have always dreamed of trying yourself as a horseman, then these games are just for you. Your smart and brave horse will teach you to overcome obstacles easily and beautifully.

Also here you will find many games in which you will have to overcome obstacles in some kind of transport. Most often it will be cars: you have to drive your truck or racing car along a difficult track filled with a variety of obstacles. But you can choose a game in which the character controls a bicycle or a motorcycle, and such games will also be interesting and fun.

Logic obstacle games, classic arcade and minecraft games

The obstacle games category is filled with all kinds of games. Of course, here you can find games in the genre of minecraft, which are loved by players of all ages, especially young children.

Since games are always quests in which the player has to solve complex logic problems and think how to cope with an obstacle, there are many logic games and puzzles in this category.

Also here you can find many classic arcades, which are made in simplified graphics, and their plot is built around the need to go through a certain path, on which obstacles and traps are placed. Once you master this, you will immediately be taken to the next level of the game.

Among obstacle games you will find many unusual games with famous and unknown heroes. There are even games for the little ones: these games have a simple plot and gameplay and educational goal, you can use such games in order to learn something new.