That awkward situation when you are still not 18 years old, but already really want to have your own car and drive. For such awkward situations, there are driving games.

And they exist for those players who would like to prepare for training in a driving school in advance. And also for those players who would like to feel the drive of high speeds on the road.

What is driving games?

The category of games driving games will appeal to those who already really want to start driving a car and get behind the wheel, but still do not have a car or have not reached the age when they can do it legally. Also, this category of games will interest novice drivers who only try themselves as a driver, but are still not completely sure about the little things. With driving games you can train your driver skills.

Driving games are also very popular among experienced drivers who simply would like to test their skills and show the class to inexperienced drivers.

All categories of players will find in driving games what they were looking for: someone will be able to bring their skill to automatism, and someone will master the skill in advance, and then it will be very useful to him in a driving school.

History of driving games

Interestingly, the history of driving games originates from car driving simulators that were used in driving schools to train students.
On such simulators, novice drivers brought their skills to automatism. The first simulators were quite primitive and served only educational purposes. Not everyone could sit behind such a simulator: it cost a lot of money, long lines lined up for such simulators.

Later, driving simulators migrated to the gaming halls, where they were installed on special gaming machines.

Gradually, the graphics of driving games developed, driving simulators became steeper and more beautiful, more realistic. Games of this genre migrated to computer platforms and flooded the Internet. Today driving games is one of the most popular categories of online games. The leading direction of this genre of driving games are 3D driving simulators.

Features driving games

A striking feature of driving games is their realism. Modern driving simulators are very believable. They have elaborate plots, and the landscape around the car with the player as a driver is very natural. You can try driving a busy city street. If you are not a very experienced driver yet, you can practice your skills on a country road in the middle of the field.

You and your car can be anywhere, even in the most unthinkable fantasy worlds.

Any driving simulator necessarily has its own 3D map, according to which you can navigate while driving.

Realism is also achieved due to the fact that on the track you will encounter all those problems and obstacles that you may encounter in real life. These are traffic jams or gaping passers-by, road repairs or police officers who control traffic, traffic lights and road markings. Be careful. Even if it’s hard for you to learn, then driving a real car will be much easier.