Horror games - the so-called online video games that belong to the horror genre. The benchmark in this genre of video games is the game Resident Evil.

What is horror games?

The essence of such games is simple to the point of horror: you need to survive in an atmosphere of complete nightmare.

What do you have for this? Well, if there is at least some kind of weapon. But there are games where a character can survive only thanks to his own ingenuity.

Horror games, like many other genres, penetrated the gaming industry from literature and cinema and adopted from its ancestors all the characteristic features of the genre: escalating feelings of anxiety and fear, emphasis on the survival of the protagonist.

Unlike the character action games, in horror games the player does not control the situation, but can only adequately respond to it and take measures for survival.

Design horror games

The design of horror games is designed to best meet the challenges of horror. Such games should be frightening, so they are decorated in gloomy colors. The rooms in which events take place always have the structure of a labyrinth, because of every angle the enemy can attack.

In such games, the mechanics of the game is not the main thing; all the necessary qualities of the game are achieved in an even atmosphere. Horror games are divided among themselves into different types of games, among which there are shooting games, and RPGs, and quests.

In the plot of horror games, there must be a secret that the main character is trying to open.

It is easy to guess that young people are lovers of horror games. Children are afraid of such games, and adult people no longer enjoy the adrenaline rush. But adult men are partially included in the target audience of horror games, since such games are often accompanied by battles.

The source of horror in horror games can be artificial, which later turns out to be the result of an unsuccessful experiment or a zombie, or it can be psychological, and then fear can be aroused by the design of the game, the proper selection of musical accompaniment.

Since the main objective of the game is not the arming of a character that could defeat monsters, but the desire to scare him, often the hero of the game has a number of characteristics that prevent him from fighting adequately.

Separately, it should be said about the soundtracks to horror games, because among them there are real masterpieces of the genre.

History of horror games

The appearance of the first horror game was recorded in the 80s of the last century - then an interactive fiction game, Zork I: The Great Underground Empire, was released. Also, one of the first games in this genre was a quest called Mystery House.

The genre reached its peak in the period from 1996 to 2005, when several cult games of the genre appeared at once: Silent Hill from Konami, Japanese Project Zero from Tecmo and Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem from Silicon Knights.

In 2014, an attempt was made to remove subgenres from the horror games genre: Vincent or third-person action horror games, shooting horror games, stealth horror, horror games based on Japanese folklore and others.