This category contains games that are created not so much for fun, as much to help people who want to get a license to drive a car to prepare for exams. But among driving school games there are games for people of all ages. Even if you are still a child and it is early for you to get a driver's license, you can still play these games because this is a great chance to learn the rules of the road.

For small children and preschoolers - special category driving school games

In the driving school games category, you can find games for people of all ages. This category of games is in demand among both children and adults. Since they are classified as educational and educational games, small children can use them to learn the most important rules of the road. Therefore, kindergarten and elementary school teachers in their classes often use such games.

For little gamers, driving school games offer to explore traffic light colors and find out what each color means. You will learn how cars move on the road, which means road markings. This will come in handy when you go to school on your own.

For school kids - driving school games with car simulators

If you are no longer a small child and are seriously interested in how a car works, then there are wonderful car simulators in the driving school games category for you. Even though it’s early for you to get a license to drive a car, very soon you will go to study at a real driving school, and then the knowledge and skills that you have acquired by playing online games will be useful to you. You can study the rules of the road, study the controls of the car.

The cars for which these simulators are created can be very different: try driving a taxi. For a taxi driver, driving is complicated by the fact that he has to maneuver between cars on busy streets, stopping at the most inappropriate places to pick up passengers. You can also play an ambulance simulator, and then you will learn extreme driving, because the speed at which an ambulance arrives to help a person often depends on his life.

For experienced drivers - racing at driving school games

There are driving school games in the racing genre. These games are intended for adult players who already have a solid driving experience. If you are that kind of person, then you will love our racing games. You don't have to waste time learning, you already know how. But our games will teach you another important skill - how to drive a car correctly in races, competitions. This is necessary in order not to crash the car in the excitement of racing and not injure yourself.

If you are ready for the heat of passion, then these games are just for you. There are many of these games that are designed for two players. This is a very important moment, such a competition goes beyond the virtual world, because your opponent sits next to you and experiences a whole range of emotions from how skillfully you play and drive a car.