A special genre of online video games. Strategy games are extremely useful for human thinking and for brain training. According to psychologists, this genre is the most recommended for the development of thinking.

What is strategy games?

In games of the strategy games genre, the player must develop in himself and put into practice strategic thinking. Speed of reaction or instant decision making and action in such games do not play a big role. It is important here to think a lot and think through your actions, and only after that do them.

Such strategy board games as Monopoly or checkers and chess can be called as familiar to all strategy games.

History of strategy games

You can call the Invasion game the starting point of the genre - it was a computer version of the board game known as “Risk”, but the first full-fledged strategy games began to be released on Apple II and TRS-80 microcomputers.

The company, which can be called the flagship of the genre, was called Strategic Simulations Inc - it was from under its wing that such genre samples as role-playing films and war games Avalon Hill came out.

In 1981, when the Eastern Front (1941) was created, the genre began to develop in an innovative direction. The appearance of this game has changed the attitude of the entire game world to the strategy games genre.

Types of strategy games

Games of this genre can be conditionally classified on several grounds. If we take the course of time as a basis, then games can be RTS and TBS, and mixed types can also occur.

Several players take part in TBS games, and they take turns. This view has its fans, but inferior in popularity to RTS. But this type of strategy games has its advantages: the player has more time to think about his steps, so he can devote more time and effort to planning.

It is characteristic of browser-based online strategies that many players can play them at once via the Internet. In such games, elements of classic real-time strategy games prevail. The most famous and popular games of this category can be called Tribal War or OGame.

There is no military plot in economic strategies. The player’s task in such games is to build the economy by defeating his rivals in the financial world.

A feature of the global strategy is that the player has to take responsibility for the development strategy of the human world in a certain period of human history. One cannot but mention the MOBA genre. It combines several varieties of strategy games: there is a real-time game, a role-playing game, and many logical, psychological elements.

The strategy games genre gives each player the opportunity to try their hand at managing, the ability to think through their actions several steps forward. And also to experience a special burden of responsibility, which falls on the shoulders of the one on whom the fate of the whole world or at least one separate state depends.