The number games category contains the most important games for those children who are not yet in school or have just entered school.

Why is number games so important?

As soon as a child goes to school or prepares to go to school, parents immediately begin to worry about how he will learn the elementary school curriculum. Why is this so important?

In elementary school, the child acquires basic knowledge, on the basis of which his further education will be built. And on how he correctly and firmly assimilates this knowledge, it will depend on whether he will achieve success in the future.

These basic skills include knowledge of letters and numbers. If the child remembers the letters well and learns to distinguish them, then it will be easier for him to learn to read and write. If the child learns the numbers well, then in the future the study of mathematical actions, the multiplication table and all subsequent mathematical knowledge will not present him with difficulty.

The number games category contains games that will help your child learn numbers and remember them.

What kinds of number games do we have?

It is much easier for a child to assimilate knowledge in the process of playing, because play activity is the leading type of activity in a preschooler. In a playful way, with the help of number games, the child will learn numbers, numbers, the order of numbers and the basics of counting.

The number games tasks can be very different.

There are games in which the child needs to find a certain number among others. There are also games in which a number must be excluded from a number of figures that does not fit in certain parameters.

In some games, the child will have to arrange the numbers in a certain order, but there are also those where the child will have to find the desired number on the keyboard and enter it in a special field.

What is the use of number games?

The category number games contains educational and educational games. In addition to the fact that they teach the child, give certain knowledge, such games also contribute to the development of the child. Playing different genres of number games, the child develops attention and trains memory. Children who often play this kind of game develop their thinking, learn to think analytically.

Since games have different difficulty levels, they can get more difficult with each new level. Often a child, in order to complete a task, needs to react faster, use the knowledge gained earlier.

Constantly repeating the same actions, but in different conditions and plots, is an exercise that does not get boring. The child has fun, but he does not get bored with monotonous tasks. In the meantime, the acquired skills are consolidated through targeted repetition of the exercises.

Often, famous characters accompany games from cartoons or TV shows that children love so much. Such games have colorful graphics, interesting design, so they attract children with bright colors and an abundance of interesting decorations. Among the number games there are many logical ones, made in the form of riddles and puzzles.