The top down games category contains games in which the player has the opportunity to observe everything that happens in the game from above, getting a complete picture of what is happening.

What are top down games?

In games of this category, the gameplay is organized in such a way that the camera is above the ground and can monitor how and in which direction the main character of the game moves. Also, top down games are called isometric games.

Since the camera is not positioned strictly from above, but slightly from the side, the player has the opportunity to see the game world in three dimensions, which makes it more realistic. The player can see various additional details.

There are so many of these games in a variety of genres. This format allows you to make a vast game world with many locations. The player controlling the character can explore all these locations, find new opportunities and details.

Amazing top-down games open up a new interesting world for the player to return to again and again.

What genres of top-down games are the most popular?

Since the top-down games format allows the player to have control over everything that happens in the game, multiplayer RPGs are the most popular in this format. From the top-down position, it is very convenient to track enemies, monsters or zombies, find them in the most secret corners of the game world. That is why shooting games are often created in this format.

Often, interesting adventures unfold in the game world created in the top down games format. This format allows you to create a multi-faceted and interesting game world in which the player will be interested in exploring every corner.

A wide variety of genres can be represented in the top-down games format. In addition to adventure games and shooting games, as well as adventures, you can play your favorite tanks and airplanes from the top-down position, you can play battles and fights.

What are the advantages of top-down games?

The first and foremost advantage of top-down games is that the player has control over the entire playing space. This means that you can assess the situation as a whole and think in advance about your next steps. Such games develop tactical thinking, since the player has the opportunity to analyze the available data on the game, draw conclusions and outline further steps.

The player gets a complete picture of what is happening, can assess the state of the fortress or the castle that he protects, in which places there is destruction and it is necessary to make repairs. Also, the player can see where the enemy is hiding and react to him in time.

Also, such games develop spatial thinking, develop an eye.

All top-down games are distinguished by high-quality 3D graphics, a carefully thought-out game world, a multi-faceted plot and interesting locations. Usually there are many interesting characters in these games. As the game plot develops, the character gains additional skills or develops existing ones, earns bonuses and game points. The character can spend the accumulated points to modify the character, buy additional items for him that can simplify the passage of game levels.