Massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG, also called mmo game for short, is a synthesis of mass online game and role-playing game, which exists both in the form of a browser game and in other forms.

Features mmo games

What makes mmo games fundamentally different from the rest of the game world? In mmo games, a huge number of players interact at the same time, who intersect each other within the virtual game world.

The person who begins to play mmo games takes on the role of the character taking part in the game. Most often, such characters are part of some fantasy world invented. It can be a world invented for a computer game, or it can be a world that came into the game from television, cinema or literature.

After that, the player controls the actions of the character.

Another feature of mmo games is that the world in which the character of the game is located exists constantly. The creators of the game support it in constant vitality. And even if a player leaves the game, the world continues to exist without him.

Mmo games development

The popularity of games of this genre is amazing. Everyone in every corner of the globe plays games of this genre. Revenues of the mmo games industry annually break their own records. One of the games of this genre, released based on the Star Wars universe in 2011, has earned the title of the game, which in the history of mmo games has become the most developing.

During its existence, mmo games have gone through a long history of development, and modern representatives of the genre are already very different from their predecessors. But there are traits that are the same for all representatives of this genre:

- a game world that constantly exists,
- a character can develop in several forms and directions at once,
- the possibility of the character’s social interaction within the game,
- the presence in the game world of a special culture,
- the opportunity for players to become members of certain groups and others.

Topics and stories mmo games

Games of this genre can be the most diverse in their subjects and genres. Most often, the plot of such a game is built around a fantasy world invented. Most often, such plots are based on the motifs of existing plots from literature or cinema.

You can from the most popular areas of themes for mmo games represented by comics from the universes of Marvel or DC. The plots of the original stories are most often rethought by the developers in the game and improved to suit the game.

The player is always faced with the task of ensuring the development of his character, his skills and level in the game world, which are displayed on the screen in the form of a scale. To ensure the process of such development, the player performs all kinds of tasks and quests with his character. Also a very important feature of mmo games is that during the game the player is in constant interaction and communication with other characters. Depending on which team the player managed to gain a foothold in, he can gain access to some closed and difficult levels of the game.