You definitely know angry birds games! Because it is impossible not to know them. These evil feathered creatures have flooded the Internet and all TV screens.

But if among you there is still at least someone who is not familiar with angry birds, then let's figure it out urgently.

Who are angry birds?

It all started with the fact that the company Rovio from Finland came up with a computer game, in which the main characters were angry birds. Rather, the birds were weapons in the hands of the player. With the help of a slingshot, the player must shell the green pigs. A lot of various designs were offered, on which green pigs were placed.

Initially, angry birds games were released only for Apple iOS, so now the emergence of angry birds for many is associated with this platform, although you can play angry birds games on absolutely any gaming platform.

Why do angry birds dislike green pigs so much?

In the story, the confrontation between angry birds and green pigs has been going on for a very long time, and the opponents are irreconcilable with each other.

This feud comes from the love of green pigs for scrambled eggs and the bad habit of stealing eggs from angry birds right from the nests. It is clear why angry birds are trying to get their unhacked cubs back.

Green pigs do not give up without a fight, they make themselves all kinds of shelters from improvised materials, but the player must destroy all these shelters with the slingshot and destroy the green pigs.

Sometimes in angry birds games there are such plots when green pigs try, passing by on a special platform, to steal an egg and take it out of the screen. The player must not allow the egg to roll outside the game screen, otherwise his mission will fail.

Features angry birds games

Games in this category always have a ton of paid and free add-ons. By acquiring or earning them, the player can strengthen his skills, get useful bonuses and facilitate his passing the next level.

Among the official angry birds games there are a variety of plots and modifications, but there are also many free online angry birds games that absolutely anyone can play. There are space games, and logical development games, and racing simulators, and RPGs. Also among games there are shoot 'em up, and even football simulations.

The popularity of angry birds games is simply amazing. In addition to the fact that brand products brought unprecedented income to their creator. The heads of state mentioned these games as what their officials do in their offices. Angry birds were chosen as the official mascot of the hockey championship. Postage stamps are dedicated to them, and in Finland even opened an entertainment center on the theme of angry birds games. Many adaptations were released in the form of animated series and full-length cartoons. A feature-length cartoon on angry birds games broke all box office records around the world.