It is hard to imagine that there is at least one person in the world who would not know what tetris games are. This game became so popular after it was published that it is still used as a source of inspiration not only by the developers of new modern computer games, but also by writers, artists and film directors.

What are tetris games?

Tetris is a computer game, its name comes from the merger of two words - "tetrimino" and "tennis". This is a puzzle in which the geometric shapes of the tetrimino are used to play, which consist of four squares. Today this game has become a cult, since there is not a single gaming platform on which it would not be used or games created on its basis would not be created.

Now tetris games can be found even in devices that were not originally intended for games. Every TV has tetris games.

The history of tetris games

The game Tetris was invented by a programmer from the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union back in 1984, even the exact day is known - June 6. His name is Alexey Pajitnov. The inspiration for this game was the board game polyomino. The game was developed in the computer language Pascal and first appeared on the Elektronika-60 computer platform. Later, a commercial version was released by an American company, after which Tetris began to spread in the gaming world at high speed.

Tetris were especially popular on pocket gaming devices, on which both Tetris itself, snake-type games, and other puzzles were installed. Such devices had monochrome graphics and primitive soundtrack. But even the soundtrack of tetris games has become so famous that now every user recognizes a Tetris melody from the very first sounds.

Tetris games rules

Many people love Tetris, because it has very simple rules of the game, which do not take a long time to understand. But at the same time, Tetris is a powerful puzzle that trains the brain, attention, reaction speed and requires logical thinking.

The rules of the game are very simple. A playing field opens in front of the player, onto which geometric figures slowly fall from above, consisting of four squares folded in different versions. The player must move these figures as they fall and turn them over so that they form a single line at the bottom of the playing field. If a whole line is drawn, then it disappears. The player himself receives bonus points for this to his account.

If the player is unable to fold the figures into single lines, then they begin to pile up on top of each other, as a result of which the level becomes higher and higher. As soon as the falling figure hits the top layer of squares, the game is over. The essence of the game is to hold out as long as possible by adding pieces and removing lines. Gradually the game becomes more difficult, the speed of the pieces falling is accelerating.
There are many different variants of tetris games now. It is made in color, the figures have become voluminous and beautiful, often the squares are replaced with balls, stars and other figures.