What kind of aircraft does not happen in the world! People fly on corn kernels, on bombers, and hang gliders, on airplanes, and even on airships people fly. And if you really want to, they can fly on a carpet-plane or on an airplane folded from a sheet of paper. You, of course, already understood that we are talking about airplane games.

What is airplane games

For people who like to fly, airplane games are the best way to feel like a pilot. Most boys and no less girls dream of growing up and sitting at the helm of an airplane (or becoming a flight attendant, as is the case with girls), but not everyone succeeds in making this dream a reality. Only a few become pilots. And for everyone else, there are airplane games.

The most common genre of games in this category are airplane control simulators. On such simulators, even before the invention of online games, they trained pilots to control their flying machine. This is the most favorite kind of airplane games for all generations of players.

What are airplane games?

Of course, first of all, this is a race in the air. This genre of game is for the most daring. Your character is a pilot of the plane, and you, as a player, take full responsibility for ensuring that the plane is safe and sound at the finish line.

Much cooler and more exciting than racing on airplanes can be called fights and battles in the air. Battles in the air are much more dangerous than on the ground. You are attacked immediately from all sides, and you must be extremely careful to dodge the fire.

Of course, for girls, there are also a lot of games that are dedicated to airplanes. It can be flight attendant simulators, dress up games, in which you need to come up with a new uniform for the flight attendant, and many more creative games related to flying on airplanes.

The most interesting thing is to complete various quests while operating the plane, because in such games the pilot immediately has a serious responsibility.

Characters airplane games

Among airplane games, there are those where the main character is a pilot who sits at the controls of an airplane. It is he who controls the player when he starts the game.

But there is another category of games in which the main character is the plane itself. Most often this happens in games created based on some cartoon or series.

Such heroes, for example, migrated to airplane games from the Disney cartoon "Airplanes." This wonderful colorful cartoon in which the main character was Dusty, a plane used for agricultural affairs. Getting from his provincial airfield to round-the-world competitions, Dusty turns for help to a retired fighter named Skipper. In this cartoon, there are also characters from the Chuh fuel truck, the Dotti, El Chupacabra and Tanya forklift truck. All these heroes are reflected in airplane games.

Games with these heroes are presented in a variety of genres and categories, all of them are very colorful and interesting.