There are a lot of ice cream lovers among players in online games. We love this dessert since childhood. Curious about how this delicious treat is made? Then ice cream games is what you need.

Ice cream is the main character of ice cream games

Ice cream dessert is the most popular dessert in the world. Ice cream consists of a frozen mass, which does not stop whipping during freezing. This mass can consist of milk and cream, eggs and sugar. It could also be just popsicles, like frozen fruit puree or juice.

In ice cream games you will have the opportunity to learn the secrets of making ice cream and find out what types of ice cream there are.

The history of ice cream

Historians believe that ice cream first appeared four thousand years ago. Desserts, similar to ice cream, were served to the table in ancient China. Then ice cream was ice or snow, which was mixed with pieces of fruit and pomegranate seeds. For a long time, scientists could not find the recipes for that ancient delicacy, and only in the 11th century the secrets of making this dessert were revealed in a book called "Shih Jing".

Also, desserts similar to ice cream were served to the table by ancient Persians and Greeks, Romans and peoples of Ancient India.

The very first ice cream in the form in which we know and love it was the Faloudé dessert. It was frozen lime juice mixed with rose water and ground pistachios.

But Europe found out about ice cream only in the 13th century, when the recipe for this dish was brought by Marco Polo from China. And only in the 19th century, ice cream began to be produced and sold in stores.

What genres of ice cream games do we have?

All ice cream games are ice cream making games or creative games.

If you play ice cream games in the cooking games category, then you will not only have to make ice cream, but also decorate it beautifully. These games give you the opportunity to learn recipes and ice cream making technology.

If you play ice cream games in which you need to work in an ice cream parlor, then this is an economic simulation game where you will not only learn how to make ice cream, but also the secrets of working in a cafe.

If you play creative ice cream games, then you have to act as an artist, a designer, because you will have the opportunity to come up with your own types and forms of ice cream, think over a special design and decorations.

Ice cream often acts as an inspiration for logic game developers. Ice cream can replace the usual balls or cubes in games like Line or Tetris. These games are fun and interesting to play, because ice cream looks delicious and colorful.

All ice cream games necessarily have colorful and vibrant graphics. Such games improve mood, they are positive and funny, accompanied by light cheerful music and give the player an opportunity to develop attention, reaction speed, and creative taste.