“Cult”, “legendary”, “unsurpassed” - such words come to mind when you think about the film “Star Wars”. These several episodes of the George Lucas science-fiction franchise have transformed humanity's vision of the possibilities of cinema.

History of star wars

11 films include the history of Star Wars, and they all reveal the life story of Anakin Skywalker and his son Luke and cover 67 years of the heroes' life.

The author himself calls his creation "space opera." The passions that are played out in the plot are quite worthy of the best opera scene.

Many cartoons, comics, books have been created based on these wonderful films, and there are also many star wars games - there are more than 90 million of them in the world.

In the struggle for the title of the highest grossing franchise in the world, Star Wars is second only to the Marvel Hero Universe.

The main characters of star wars games

Who are the main and most beloved characters of star wars games? Of course, this is Luke Skywalker himself and his father Anakin, Darth Vader, as well as Princess Leia and Padme Amidala, funny robots C-3PO and R2-D2, Chewbacca and master Yoda. Well, and where without the famous Han Solo and Obi Wan Kenobi?

All the heroes of the franchise are known and loved so much. All fans of this story are happy to play star wars games to meet again with the characters of the franchise that they love.

The first star wars game was released in 1982, and since then many different games on the subject of this film have been released annually. All star wars games are divided into those that follow the author's version of the Star Wars universe, and those that are created based on a fan-augmented universe.

Initially, games with an early license were released, then LucasArts was created, which released licensed star wars games, then this company was closed, and Electronic Arts began to produce games.

All Star wars games

From 2014 to today, Electronic Arts has launched EA Star Wars games. These games are released under the watchful eye of the Lucasfilm Story Group, which have approved the company’s license to release star wars games until 2024.

There is also a mass of free star wars games, which are presented by games of various genres: there are not only space arcades and shooting games, there are also drawings, and coloring books, and even games for girls in which you need to dress up Princess Leia and Luke for a party. Also widely represented are star wars games in the genre of puzzles and quests.

The popularity of star wars games is only growing, so every year more and more games on this topic will appear on the Internet. You can play them either alone or online with your friends.

A very wide range of star wars games is presented on mobile platforms. Statistics claim that after the release of the next part of Star Wars, a new surge in the popularity of star wars games is expected.