The connect games category contains games in which you need to provide connection of a line to a specific source. To do this, it is necessary to restore the integrity of the line, and only then the energy will flow unhindered to its destination. In what areas is the ability to connect?

Electrical connect games

The first sphere that comes to mind when mentioning connect games is electricity. It is in electricity that it is very important that the power line is intact and not damaged in any way. Because in the field of electricity, any leakage of electrical energy is fraught with an accident. An electric shock can result in death. Electric shock can also lead to fires and explosions.

This is why in electric connect games, you should be especially careful to ensure that all the links in the chain are restored before the electricity flows through the chain.

Plumbing and gas connect games

It is also very important to establish a connection in the field of water supply and gasification. Plumbing pipes are often laid underground, where they can intertwine with each other in intricate designs. You must carefully examine these weaves to restore the integrity of the pipe, otherwise water will leak and cause flooding. Plumbing connect games are reminiscent of underground labyrinths. They are decorated accordingly, so playing them is fun and interesting.

Gas connect games are more like air mazes, because gas pipes are laid mainly through the air. The player should remember that a gas leak in the gas supply can also lead to explosions and fires, to human poisoning, so you should be careful about restoring the gas pipeline, otherwise you will not be able to win such a game.

Logic puzzles connect games

Also, the ability to reconnect will come in handy when you play logic connect games or puzzles. All these games are built on the same principle: in order to achieve any result, you need to connect the elements of the game.

Balls, blocks, bricks, and constructor elements can act as such elements. By connecting elements of the same color, you achieve a certain result in the game, which is awarded to you in the form of points or game points.

Also in the category of logical and educational games you can find games with letters, numbers and words. Such games help the development and learning of children, because with them it is easy to learn the counting and the alphabet, learn the correct spelling of words, and learn the multiplication table. These connect games are often used in schools and other educational institutions as teaching materials.

There are also culinary games in this category, in which the player needs to connect with one line the ingredients needed to cook a certain dish, but in the sequence in which they should be added during the cooking process. If the player does everything right, then the dish will turn out great, and the player will receive an award in the form of points or game points. If the player misses at least one ingredient, then he will have to start cooking the dish from the very beginning.