Don't think of skateboarding as just being able to skate. And our skateboarding games will prove to you that it is much more than just a sport. You will learn that skateboarding is a special culture that has spread its influence in all areas of human life. This culture has long ceased to be exclusively youthful, so in the world you can often find people of all ages on skateboards.

What are skateboarding games?

The answer to this question should start with a story about what skateboarding is. This is the name of an extreme sport in which a person rides a skateboard and performs various tricks. This is not only a sport, but also a highly sought-after type of show: skateboarding games is an art form that is often included in a variety of shows and theatrical performances.

A skateboarder or skater is a person who rides a skateboard. For those who love skateboarding, there are even special skate parks built.

And at the next Olympic Games, skateboarding will be presented as one of the Olympic sports. Even International Skateboarding Day has been established, which is celebrated by skateboarders all over the world on June 21st.

Who invented skateboarding games?

The pioneers of skateboarding were surfers who had nothing to do during the absence of waves, so they came up with such entertainment. True, the first skateboards were made from boxes to which the athletes screwed the wheels. But gradually the skateboards changed until they began to look the way we know and love them today.

One of the essential elements of skateboarding games is making an ollie or jumping without using your hands. Alan Gelfand invented this jump in 1976. Grab tricks were also developed, after which the direction of skateboarding began to develop, in which tricks are performed on special ramps.
Since initially there were not so many special ramps, amateur athletes were looking for places around them that could replace special ramps. This is how the direction of skateboarding games appeared, which was called street style. The first to discover this style and make it popular was Rodney Mullen, the inventor of kickflip and impossible.

What kind of skateboard games we have?

Skateboard games include standard skateboarding simulators, as well as games in which you will have the opportunity to take part in competitions. You will be able to show your skills to beginners like yourself. But if you improve your skills in skateboarding with the help of skateboarding games, then you may have a chance to take part in professional skateboarding competitions. These are very entertaining competitions, they are no less popular than concerts and shows of popular artists.

For lovers of creativity, there is their own version of skateboard games: you can work on the design of your skateboard, decorate it in a special youth style, and come up with decorations for it. Such games will be interesting for both boys and girls.

Among the games in the skateboarding games category, there are many games for passing difficult and intricate tracks or performing on ramps of various difficulty levels. The longer you train, the faster you will achieve success.