This category contains games that are dedicated to the wonderful and magical time of the year - winter. Just like winter itself, winter games have a special magic that makes such games very beautiful and fabulous.

What do we know about winter?

Winter does not come in all countries of the world. The calendar winter is coming, but not all people on the globe have seen cold, snow and frost at least once in their lives. To be precise, about half of the people on the globe have never seen snow. We are used to the fact that the winter months are December, January, February, but in some countries of the world, for example, in Australia, summer falls in these months.

Winter is a very beautiful time of the year, which is why artists love to paint winter landscapes so much. The whole earth is covered with white snow in winter, so everything around looks very festive and elegant.

And in winter it is interesting to play special winter games, of which there are many. You can play snowballs and make a snowman, you can build a fortress out of snow. There are also many winter sports, they are very fun and exciting.

Interesting facts about winter games and sports

Playing snowballs is a favorite winter activity for all girls and boys. Everyone knows that snowballs are made from snow, which means that snowballs consist of millions of compressed snowflakes. You have seen snowflakes in pictures and under a microscope. But no matter how much the scientists looked at the snowflakes through a microscope, they never found a single identical pair. Among the snowflakes, there are very large ones, and the largest snowflake in the world was the one that was almost half a meter in diameter. In winter games, snowflakes are very often the main character.

It is very cold in winter, so winter sports are always very active and fun, so that a person can warm up during the game. The lowest temperature on the globe was in 2013 in Antarctica, when the thermometers showed 91.2 degrees below zero.

You may be very surprised, but snowflakes can sing. They emit with their crystals a special sound that cannot be heard by the human ear, but the fish hear the singing of snowflakes very well, and this sound annoys them terribly.

What winter games do we have?

Since most games are related to winter sports, this category includes sports games such as cross-country skiing, ice skating and sledding. But also in the winter games category, you can play a snow battle, where you will fire snowballs at the enemy and defend the snow fort.

Also in the winter games category are dress-up games in which you will have to choose winter clothes and winter equipment for a high-mountain resort for your model. People go to such resorts to go skiing and snowboarding. If you are also going to visit a ski resort, then pay special attention to your equipment.

In the winter games category, there are a lot of games dedicated to the winter holiday New Year. All these games are sure to be festive and bright and funny.