Rpg games or Computer Role-Playing Game is a special genre of online video games, which are based on the principle of gameplay, which is typical for desktop role-playing games in their traditional sense.

The hallmarks of rpg games

Rpg games is characterized by the ability for a player to control both one character and several, and for each character a list of those skills and characteristics that he possesses is prescribed: strength, dexterity, level of health, skills, talents, intelligence. With board role-playing games, rpg games combine elements such as the mechanics of the game process, settings and jargon. During the game, you go through the quest, take part in a number of tactical battles and go through the plot of the game to the end.

RPG are characterized by the ability for characters to grow in their ability levels controlled by the player.

The rpg games is distinguished by an interesting plot, which is thought out to the smallest detail, and an amazing game world. The plots of rpg games are a chain of quests or tasks that the player performs during the game, giving tasks to one of his characters. When a character performs a task, it is important for him to achieve certain indicators by which this task will be considered completed. All these indicators are summarized and accumulated as experience. After the accumulation of a certain experience, players move to a higher level.

Also a distinctive feature of rpg games is that the characters interact more actively with virtual characters.

Rpg games: required elements

A genre such as rpg games often acts as an integral element of games of other genres, so there are shooting games with elements of rpg games, strategies with rpg games. There are several signs of rpg games that distinguish this genre from others:

- the presence of the plot, which consists of all the necessary elements of the story, the player is able with his character to receive information about the plot from any sources, complete tasks, thereby influencing the development of the plot, which varies from the decisions of your characters, their choice and consequences.
- the need for research - you and your character explore the game world and interact with everything you find there, visit new areas, objects and equipment and save them, find sources of new information.
- the presence of a role system - you can manage one avatar or group, improving their characteristics, periodically test achievements and improve characteristics using various equipment items, create your own characters.
- the presence of a combat system - the plot of the game may involve a conflict that develops into attempts to resolve it through battle or battle.

All these indicators should be present in games of the rpg games genre.

Types of rpg games

Rpg games has a lot of classifications and subdivisions in appearance. They can differ in the type of abstraction from the player’s skills, as far as the player influences what happens in the game with his character.

Also among the directions of rpg games are called Narrative RPG, where the plot center is storytelling, sandbox RPG, where the player enters the game world and is left to his own devices, Dungeon crawler, where the player has a clear goal and task and must complete a lot of tasks to develop the level and character skills.

Western rpg and Japanese rpg games are also significantly different.