Have you ever heard of hot wheels games? Of course you did. This is a very popular brand of toys and a very popular series of games that is based on these toys.

What is hot wheels games?

The hot wheels games category contains games for those who love cars, races and tracks with steep turns. If you are already an experienced driver, if you first got behind the wheel, if you are still a very small car enthusiast - for each of you there is a game of hot wheels games to your taste.
You can choose both the level of difficulty of the game and the training or competition mode. If you are just starting to get acquainted with the device of the car, then you will come in handy the initial level, where training is provided. But if you already have experience in racing games, then quickly join the exciting competition.

In hot wheels games you have the opportunity to choose a track, a car, make a car tuning so that from afar it is clear who exactly leads in the races.

History of hot wheels games

The name of this category of games is associated with the American brand Mattel. Yes, the one who releases the famous Barbie doll. This company also produces Hot Wheels brand toys. These are very popular and beloved by children in all countries of the world cast toy cars, which are made very tiny, scale 1:64.

This brand of automobile toys has a long history. Their release began in 1968, and until the very end of the last century, the brand had no competitors. Mattel was the only competitor to Matchbox, just buying it.

Toys hot wheels are not just toys. These are exact copies of cars. The manufacturer of hot wheels has been cooperating with car manufacturers for a very long time, receives drawings of cars directly from their hands and then uses these drawings to manufacture their toys.

Some interesting facts about hot wheels games

Now it’s not enough to call hot wheels simply toys, because the toys of the brand are collected by adults. There are limited limited series of cars that are even very difficult for collectors to purchase, so they are sold at auctions.

If you play hot wheels games, then you have a chance to try yourself in the management of very rare car models. Such rare models were released in the hot wheels collection, and they are all present in online hot wheels games.

These rare species include a supercar and a very long Twin Mill race car. Such a model is very recognizable and popular, it is even a symbol of the brand and is present in all computer hot wheels games.

You can also try yourself in the management of the conceptual design car RD-02. This car is the star of television spy series.

Another rare car is the Howlin 'Heat car monster. This car is easily recognizable by the small wings on the roof and by the mouth, which this car has in place of the radiator grille.

Among the cool rare models can also be called decorated with the image of a skull Bone Shaker and cool car Quick'n'Sick, which is easily recognizable by the glass roof.