What exactly is a superhero? This term has been popping up in our daily lives more and more recently. There are superhero film premieres at the theater, superhero cartoon figures decorate billboards, stare at us from magazine covers, and superhero games are among the most popular internet games. Who are they and why are they so popular?

The main characters of superhero games

Superheroes are called such characters of films, comics, cartoons or books that have a certain superpower or superpower, which not only distinguishes a superhero from an ordinary person, but also allows you to perform various feats for the benefit of humanity.

The world learned about the first superhero in 1938, when the first comic strip about Superman was released, and since then the popularity of such characters has only grown.

Now the image of a superhero has developed in different types and directions, and some superheroes do not even have superpowers, but they have such a set of simple human qualities and such willpower that they are not inferior in their power to those superheroes who have supernatural abilities.

Two universes superhero games

Traditionally it happened that all superheroes are divided according to their affiliation into different universes: Marvel Comics and DC Comics. These are two companies that have become famous by releasing comics about superheroes.

The twenty-first century was named in the film industry as the century of superheroes in cinema, because films shot based on comic books about superheroes have become the most profitable direction and genre.

The popularity of superheroes has led these characters into the world of online games. The superhero games category is one of the most popular and in demand among users. Superhero games are presented in different genres and directions. There are shooters, and races, and adventures, and arcades, as well as a lot of different logic games and puzzles.

Girls love superhero games too

There are many women among superheroes, so it cannot be argued that superhero games are games only for boys or men. Girls are also very fond of online games about superheroes and enjoy playing them.

The most famous superhero women are Black Widow, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Supergirl, Batwoman and Batgirl. Among modern women superheroes are Phoenix, Catwoman, and many others. These women are characters of superhero games for girls, which are represented in the genres of drawing, dress up, makeover and coloring, as well as arcades and puzzles for girls.

But there are also superhero games for girls in traditionally male genres. After the appearance of the character Captain Marvel, many games of shooting and adventure for girls were created, as well as races and space simulations, which are played by representatives of any gender with pleasure.

Among the famous male superheroes, the most famous in superhero games are Superman and Spider-Man, Iron Man and Batman, Blade and Wolverine, Green Arrow and Deadpool. Also, a large army of fans have such superheroes and superhero games characters like Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Hellboy, Adam Strange and others.