The fidget spinner games category contains games that are dedicated to one toy. But this toy is so popular all over the world that in a few years it has become legendary.

What is a fidget spinner?

A spinner or fidget spinner is a spinner-shaped toy that you can spin in your hands or fingers. This is the whole point of the toy - take the device in your hands and twist it in your fingers.

The secret of the fidget spinner is that there is a metal or ceramic bearing in the center of the spinner, and several blades or wings are located around it. Thanks to this design, the spinner can spin at a very high speed. The speed depends on the skill of the player.

Fidget spinners can be made of metal or plastic, copper or titanium. From what the fidget spinner is made of, the speed of its rotation depends. After spinners gained popularity all over the world, designer spinners appeared that were very expensive.

Pluses and minuses of spinners and fidget spinner games

During the heyday of the popularity of spinners, many doctors expressed ambiguity about how useful spinners were. There were scientists who believed that in a state of stress spinners can help a person cope with nerves and even survive depression, which spinners work much better in such situations than sedatives. But there were also scientists who believed that spinners are an unnecessary and useless thing that more distracts a person's attention.

The same can be said about fidget spinner games: there are people who believe that fidget spinner games help develop attention and dexterity, but there are also those who believe that this is a useless activity that does nothing good for the player.

Since one of the prototypes of the spinner is the well-known children's toy whirligig, which is considered a good educational object, the spinner can also be attributed to this category.

Fidget spinners are the main characters of fidget spinner games

The spinner is not a new invention. The fidget spinner has many prototypes, such as the well-known spinner, that work on the same principle.

The author of the spinner was called the chemical engineer Katherine Hettinger and Scott McCoskeri, the authorship of the toy is still disputed. Both of these people created toys that helped relieve nervous tension.

The popularity of the spinner was so great that many companies in the world required their employees to keep such a toy on the desktop. Reddit and YouTube played a large role in the development of the popularity of fidget spinner games, where users began to massively upload videos with master classes on tricks on spinners.

While playing games, you will learn how to spin spinners, and also get the opportunity to earn bonus coins through spinners. The player's task in such games is to spin the blades as much as possible. To do this, the player uses a computer mouse.

In fidget spinner games, the level of play and the number of coins earned add the player the opportunity to improve his spinner and add new features to it. The difficulty of the game increases with each level, and the player should hone his skills in order to advance further.