You will not find other games in the genre of survival after the apocalypse, which would be as popular as zombie games.

What is zombie games?

First you need to find out who these zombie are? Because most of us have only a general idea about them.

The inhabitants of Haiti, from whose folklore came the concept of "zombies", and did not assume that their fictional monster would gain such popularity. At its core, a zombie represents a corpse that came to life after death and gained the ability to walk, kill people, to eat their brains. Repeatedly, the image of zombies was used by writers in their thrillers, and by the end of the twentieth century, zombies finally migrated to the cinema.

Online games keep up with the cinema, so after the appearance of the first successful zombie films, the first online zombie games appeared.

Who are the zombie in video games?

Zombies, who are the heroes of online games, adopted all the characteristics of zombies in the movies. Numerous zombies appear after, as a result of the Apocalypse, life on the planet is exposed to a pathogen infection. There are other options: getting out of control of a scientific experiment, developing a deadly virus.

No matter how a planetary catastrophe occurs, zombies appear, begin to chase people, bite them, infecting them with the same virus, and then feed on people's brains. Zombies can develop, improve themselves. If zombies of a lower order move slowly and they can still be somehow defeated or run away from them, then more developed zombies can move fast.

History of zombie games

The appearance of the first zombie games is associated with games for consoles. It was in the nineties of the last century in Japan. Then came the game De-animator, which became one of the first zombie games. In this game, the player needed only one thing: to hold the gun tighter, follow the approaching zombies and shoot them when they get closer. Although the championship in the video game market is disputed by the Ubisoft Zombi game, released in 1989.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors released the game, which was already more like modern zombie games, in 1993.

But the Resident Evil game, atmospheric, has become a real cult in this genre; it is still the standard of the zombie games genre.

But in 1996, shooting games began to appear, and the cult game in the format of shooting zombie games in the first person was the game Quake.
A real surge in the appearance of zombie games occurred in 2005: then there were such famous games as Land of The dead: Road to Fiddler’s Green, Stubbs the Zombie in "Rebel Without a Pulse", Capcom Dead Rising. If we consider zombie games in the genre of military simulations, then you can not help but call ArmA 2.

If you choose which game could earn the title of best among zombie games, then it will be Left 4 Dead.

Modern zombie games are more interesting and exciting action. Among them there are multi-user, and they are all made in excellent quality graphics.