The jeep games category contains games in which you have to master such a cool and stylish car like a jeep. If you love speed and racing, but only agree on the coolest powers, then the jeep games category is just for you.

Who loves jeep games?

There can only be one answer to this question: all men, even if they are still little boys. All men of all ages love jeeps. Because a jeep is speed, it is power, it is the ability to go on any road, even on the steepest off-road.

Why do people love jeep games? Because only a jeep is able to give the driver a feeling of complete freedom of movement! If you participate in jeep racing, then you feel like the king of the situation always. There is no such difficult track that your car cannot overcome.

In the jeep games category, everyone will have the opportunity to learn how to drive a jeep and take part in the most exciting races of your life.

Jeep history

Do you want to know the history of such a legendary vehicle as a jeep? Then you should know that its history is closely related to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. And the first Jeep car appeared thanks to the engineer Karl Probst from America. He designed the first car in 1940, and the military really liked this car. The American Army then proposed to improve the car so that it could be used for military purposes.

But Jeep got its name only a year later thanks to one young journalist.

The car became so popular that its name became a household name. Now people call any SUV a jeep, because the jeep itself is a model of quality in the world of SUVs.

What jeep games do we have?

Since such a car as a jeep is capable of driving on any track, and even where there is no track, the locations in jeep games can be very different. You may find yourself on a city street clogged with cars, and then you will have to be extremely careful when moving around. Jeep is a very large car, it is able to crush small cars and not even notice them.

You can also find yourself in the mountains or desert, on the banks of a river or by the sea itself. And then your jeep will have to wade off-road. There is even such a kind of entertainment as jeeping, when people ride in jeeps through forests and windbreaks.

If you love adrenaline, then you should take part in jeep races. There are also such games in the jeep games category. Try to squeeze as much speed out of your jeep as possible, because it is capable of real feats on the road.

We also have creative jeep games, where you can put together photos of a jeep from puzzles, paint a picture with a jeep, or even come up with an original design for your car, carry out a decent tuning for it. You will surely fall in love with your powerful car, because you cannot remain indifferent to jeeps.