This category contains games in which the main character is a frog. The frog is one of the animals most often found in folk tales and legends. Why are people so fond of coming up with different stories about frogs?

Frog is the main character of frog games

Meet this frog. She belongs to the order of tailless amphibians. You can easily recognize the frog by its green color, webbed legs, protruding eyes, as well as by its ability to jump well and make characteristic sounds, which we call croaking.

Baby frogs are called tadpoles. Like the frogs themselves, their children very often become characters in online frog games, because they are very funny and active, it is fun and interesting to play with them.

Interesting facts about frogs

There are many interesting facts associated with frogs, and some of these facts formed the basis of online frog games.

The largest frog in the world is the goliath - such a frog is so huge that it can weigh three kilograms. Such goliath frogs are capable of jumping very long distances - with one jump, it can move its body three meters.

But there are also very tiny frogs in the world, which reach only one centimeter in size.

If you think that frogs have no teeth, then you are mistaken, because the frog has teeth, however, only on the upper jaw. The same cannot be said about toads: toads have no teeth.

It is no coincidence that frogs have such large bulging eyes: due to their location, frogs' eyes see very well. The frogs' vision allows them to see both what is above and what is below, as well as what is located on the sides and in front.

Why are the developers of online frog games so fond of frogs?

The frog is a very interesting character. Developers of online games are very fond of using the frog as the main character, since the frog is often the main character in all kinds of fairy tales, children's books, as well as cartoons and even music videos.

Some frogs from cartoons and literary works have become so popular that they conquered the whole world.

One of the most famous frogs is the Crazy Frog. This frog became famous as a computer character. Eric Wernqvist, a designer from Sweden, created this animated character. This frog became so popular that music videos featuring him went viral on the internet.

It is not surprising that very soon Crazy Frog conquered the world of computer games, when a huge number of frog games appeared with his participation.

In addition to this, the hero, in frog games you can meet a variety of frogs, most of which are already known to you from various computer games. In the nineties, there was a famous computer game "Perestroika", in which frogs had to get to the other side, jumping from one leaf of a water lily to another leaf. The author of this game was the famous Nikita company at that time.