There are many exciting quests to complete and a wide variety of online adventures, but you can never find more exciting games than the maze games category.

What are maze games?

Since ancient times, labyrinths have enjoyed a bad reputation. This is the name for places or structures in which the exit path is very confusing. Usually mazes exist in two-dimensional space, but with the advent of online maze games it became possible to create mazes in three-dimensional space.

The first labyrinths existed in the days of Ancient Egypt. The most famous of these labyrinths is Crocodilopolis or "the city of reptiles". There were many halls and columns, rooms and corridors in that labyrinth. Some of these rooms were even underground.

The pantheon of Egyptian gods was also a labyrinth, from which no one ever found a way out. These labyrinths existed in reality, and some fragments of them have survived to this day.

The ancient Greeks were very fond of building labyrinths; such labyrinths are described in numerous ancient myths and legends. The famous labyrinth from Ancient Rome has survived to this day in the form of a mound, inside which is hidden a whole network of burial crypts, which is a huge labyrinth.

Some peoples, for example, the Chinese, built labyrinths in order to confuse evil spirits and prevent them from finding their way to them.

Genres maze games

Among the games in the maze games category there are a lot of all kinds of mazes, on which the plot of the game in different genres is built.
The most interesting quest games are maze games, because the need to find a way out of the maze is mixed with the main task of the game. Both adults and children like these games.

Also, locations in the labyrinths are often accompanied by shooting and adventure games. Any battle in the labyrinth takes on special features: adrenaline in the blood excites, and the feeling of danger and hopelessness sharpens all the senses.

What are the types of mazes in maze games?

Labyrinths can be of various shapes and types of structures.

Currently, the most fashionable options for labyrinths are garden or living labyrinths. In maze games, such labyrinths can also be found: the heroes travel through the garden labyrinth in search of treasures or bonus points. Often such mazes are presented in maze games for girls.

If the action of the game takes place inside a building or house, then the labyrinth consists of many rooms connected by corridors. Finding a way out of such houses is easier than out of garden labyrinths, but the character is often in danger at every turn, so you need to be careful.

The most dangerous are the underground labyrinths. Such labyrinths can be abandoned mines, mines, underground storage facilities and treasuries. It is very scary to get lost in such a labyrinth, because there is always a danger of soil collapse.

Logic maze games are usually drawn or schematic mazes. Often in such labyrinths it is necessary to complete a certain task, which is solved graphically. But these maze games are no less exciting.