The bow games category contains games that are dedicated to archery. If you know how to do this, then you will love our bow games. But if you've never picked up a bow and arrow, then it's time to start doing it at least in the virtual world.

Archery is an ancient art

Few in the modern world imagine what archery is. Probably, you have never seen a bow and arrow up close and never held them in your hands. Many modern people associate the word "shoot" with firearms. But in the genre of shooting games, you may also come across bow games, so let's get acquainted with such an interesting and ancient art as archery and arrows.

The first mentions of the fact that people have comprehended the art of archery appeared on monuments dating back to the Paleolithic era, up to two and a half million years ago. At that time it was the newest and most technologically advanced weapon, and the oldest man was proud of such a cool invention.

Initially, of course, man shot from a bow solely for the purpose of hunting, in order to get his own food. But later, bows and arrows began to be used in military affairs.

What are crossbows?

Closely related to the archery process are inventions and weapons such as crossbows. What is a crossbow? This is a modified bow that has a spring mechanism. An arrow is placed inside this device, then the bowstring is pulled, after which the trigger sends the arrow to the target.

In the modern world, both archery and crossbow shooting are used as sports.

What bow games do we have?

All bow games can be categorized into four categories.

Part of bow games are devoted to hunting, so the adventure of a hunter is used as a plot, and a natural landscape can be used as locations. In such games, it is important for a hunter to kill as many game as possible with a bow and arrow.

The bow games part belongs to the category of war games, since bows and arrows, as well as crossbows, have been used as military weapons throughout the history of mankind. That is why, in the category of military games, most often the plot is based on some kind of historical period. You can get into the world of Indian tribes, or you can get to know Robin Hood himself. Very often bow games use the plots of famous films or TV series, in which the plot uses a bow and arrow as a military weapon.

You can also play sports games, since archery is a modern sport that is part of the Olympic program. Athletes compete in archery on special targets, and modern sports bows and arrows are well equipped and are high-tech sports equipment.

Another category of bow games are games for fun, where you shoot just for fun. Such games do not have high realism, as in the games of the previous categories, but such games have a bright and colorful design, have a cool and funny soundtrack, and the targets in them are made in the form of cartoon characters.