The name of this category of games suggests that we are talking about something extreme and desperate. The way it is. But let's understand in more detail what dirt bike games are.

What is dirt bike games?

This name comes from the concept of “dirt” and its derivative concept of “dirtjumping”. Athletes ride mountain bikes or MotoXtreme Bicycle in this sport. But they move along a special route, which is called "dirt".

This track is equipped with radii - the so-called embankments in the form of springboards, they are built specifically for dirt bike. Athletes for take-off use such embankments. The dirt bike track consists of several such jumps that line up one by one. They are positioned so that the athlete on the dirt bike lands after just at the foot of the next springboard after takeoff on the first. So the athlete manages to use the speed that he gains after taking off from the next springboard in order to take off to the next.

What should be a dirt bike?

Since dirt bike games are an extreme sport, a special bike is also used for such a sport. It is equipped with a rigid frame, which is made of hard alloys, and is also equipped with a rear shock absorber. The bike also has a number of characteristics and options that help bikes maintain their stability during flights.

On such a bike, an athlete performs various tricks, among which there are extremely dangerous. Such tricks include:

- Backflip, when an athlete does a back flip along with a bicycle,
- Barspin, when a cyclist turns his wheel 360 degrees,
- Frontflip, when an athlete does a back flip along with a bicycle,
- and also an extremely dangerous trick called Nothing, when an athlete, while being in the air, removes both legs from the pedals and hands, therefore, in flight, both the athlete and the bicycle are separate from each other.

What are the online dirt bike games?

Among the dirt bike games offered on the Internet, you can find the most diverse in terms of complexity and quality of graphics.

For fans of this genre, various plots of the game are also thought out. There are classic games when the dirt bike track is presented in a classic sports look. And there are such games where the gameplay takes place in a variety of locations. It can be a beach, a seashore, and then the track will run between palm trees. It can also be a mountain trail, and then the athlete will perform his intricate extreme stunts among the beautiful mountain landscapes.

Games of the dirt bike games category are also distinguished by their tendency to experiment: in a number of games, jumps and embankments are modified into logs of different thicknesses laid out along the entire route.

Also in the dirt bike games category are those in which the athlete performs tricks and overcomes the track not on a dirt bike, but on a skateboard, snowboard or other means of transport.

Among dirt bike games, you can also find those in which one of the famous cartoon or movie characters acts as an extreme athlete on dirt bike.