Games of the block games category are an amazing phenomenon in the market of online computer games. We can say that such games are familiar to every player, no matter how old he is. Surely, if a person ever even played online games, then he definitely played games.

What is block games?

What are these block games and why are they given so much attention?

These games are so beloved by everyone because they are made in bright colors. Bright color blocks look good and improve your mood. All block games are very cheerful.

Another advantage of such games is simplicity. Literally everyone can understand the rules quickly and easily. Most often, the essence of such games comes down to the fact that you need to direct the ball to a specific place in order to break a wall built of blocks.

A classic version of block games is a game in which the ball is on a platform that moves left and right. Above this platform rises a pyramid made of blocks. The user must shoot the ball at the blocks so that part of the blocks crumble, but the platform should be in the place where the ball will ricochet. If the user was unable to adjust the platform to the right place on time, then the game ends. You can not let the ball fall.

Varieties of block games

There are many varieties of block games. In them, the plots and tasks vary. There are games in which the user is invited to drag and drop blocks from place to place until you manage to collect a certain figure from them, which will disappear, making room for other blocks.

Another interesting story that is often found in games is the drag and drop of blocks inside a confined space. Most often, this is a square that has only one clearance, which is the exit. It is necessary to build blocks so that they can be brought out through this single gap.

The plots of block games can be associated with fictional creatures or the plots of famous cartoons, I can be accompanied by familiar and beloved characters.

History of block games

According to the unanimous opinion of fans of online games, block games originate in Tetris. It was from Tetris that the idea of blocks was taken, which they upgraded to a more colorful version.

The principle of the game, in which using the arrows you can rearrange the blocks and direct them to another place so that they stand in a certain figure and in a certain way, was also taken from Tetris.

But modern games got a more interesting design. Now these are not just colored blocks - they can be made in the form of emoji or animated creatures, they can make faces and make faces when you drag them from place to place, and they can also make funny sounds.

The main advantage of block games is that they are always filled with positive, have uncomplicated gameplay and do not require much effort from the player to understand the rules of the game. But at the same time they are a logical game that requires reflection and analysis of the situation.