Everyone knows that Americans and Europeans mean different games by soccer. This is because American football is widespread in America and some other countries of the world.

What is American Football?

Despite the same name, regular football and American football are very different from each other.

It is a team sport that can be called the most popular sport in the United States and Canada. American football is played by two teams, each with 11 players. A special oval ball is used for this sport, and the field of play has a rectangular shape.

The Americans call ordinary football "soccer", so if an American says "football", then he definitely means American football. There is an organization that organizes American football games in the United States of America: the National Football League.

History of American Football

American football developed on the basis of regular football and rugby and is now a mix of the two.

For the first time, American football was played in 1869, and then a slightly modified version of the rules for soccer was taken for the game.

The founder of American football is called Walter Camp, who changed the rules of American football in 1880. He also introduced such concepts as snap into the rules, set the number of players in the team, introduced forward pass, fixed the width of the field for playing this game and the neutral zone.

All the innovations he introduced are still used in american football games today.

What online american football games do we have?

Since online american football games take into account all the rules of american football, the category contains simulator games of the National Football League championships. In America, children begin to play from early childhood, so there are American football games teams in every school and university. You can start the game from the very bottom and gradually move further along the standings.

To play these games successfully, you need to know the rules. The main difference between American football games and regular European football is that in American football you can touch the ball with your hands, and in European football you can get a fine.

A distinctive feature of American football games is also the special uniform worn by the players. Since the game is very tough, the players wear protective helmets and very sturdy equipment.

If you want to understand the rules of this game, then online games is the best way to do it. In the course of the game, you will not only become familiar with the rules of the game, but also learn about what strategies of the game can be applied.

The hallmark of american football games is their fans who are always very loud. Fans support their players with slogans, chants and emblems. It is very difficult to get to a real match as a spectator, since all tickets are quickly sold out. But if you play online games, you can attend such matches absolutely free.