Fans of games like viking games are people who really enjoy fighting. But not all fights, but special ones: those when strong and mysterious heroes of the Middle Ages, the Vikings, enter the battle.

Who are the Vikings?

At the very beginning of the Middle Ages, sailors from the Scandinavian countries began to make sea voyages on their ships to all over the world. They even sailed as far as North Africa, and these voyages continued until the eleventh century. These sailors originated from tribes who inhabited the territory on which the modern Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden are located. These sailors were called Vikings, and you can often hear how they are called Normans or Varangians.

Since during the time of the Vikings, there was practically no written language among the Scandinavian peoples, then we can learn stories about their life and their campaigns from folk tales, which were passed orally from mouth to mouth.

Interesting facts about the Vikings

The Vikings always kept themselves in large families, very rarely children left the family to live in other lands. That is why the Vikings went down in history as a very friendly people. They also became famous as great and strong warriors. This quality is reflected in online viking games, which combine the plots of battles and fights with adventure games.

Outwardly, you can recognize the Viking by his clothes, which were different from all the clothes worn by people in other parts of the world. The Vikings' clothing consisted of warm woolen clothing and massive metal ornaments that indicated the warrior's achievements in battle. You can also recognize Vikings by horned helmets, although this is just a stereotype of popular culture. In fact, scientists have found no evidence that the Viking helmets were exactly like this.

The main weapon of the Vikings was the spear, so most viking games contain spear fighting. Also, the Vikings had swords, axes, battle axes. Usually the Viking is depicted in pictures with such a special hatchet in his hands.

What online viking games do we have?

Since the Vikings are glorious warriors who won any battles and wars, battles and fights are the most demanded category of viking games.

Vikings were sailors, so most of the events in viking games take place at sea or in the ocean. The Vikings sailed on special warships called drakkars. On such ships, the Vikings went to sea battles and made their conquests.

If you choose online viking games, then you will have the opportunity to get to know these amazing ships. You are going to go on a sea voyage together with these brave sailors.

In the viking games category, we have more than just battles and fights. Also among the viking games there are a lot of quests where your character will have to fight, but he will also have to complete the back games and find hidden treasures.

Since Vikings have recently become very popular in media culture, you will have the opportunity to meet those characters from popular cartoons and TV series with whom you are already familiar.