Games in the archery games category are dedicated to such a unique and beautiful sport as archery. Many works of fiction have been written about this sport, it is often present in films and cartoons. The best archers became heroes of legends.

What is archery?

This is the name of the sport, the essence of which is that an athlete shoots arrows from a bow at a target. When summing up, it is taken into account how well the athlete shoots and how far he manages to shoot.

Archery has been part of the Olympic sports program for two centuries.

Classic archery competitions are target shooting, as well as other common types of archery games - field shooting, archery biathlon or skiark, as well as target shooting in the curly archery and vertical archery varieties.

What are archery games?

Games in the archery games category include archery simulators, shooting games, archery championships, which are hosted by the main governing body of the sport, World Archery. Also among the games in this category are many adventures and quests, role-playing games and games with historical plots. Also archery games can be dedicated to the Archery World Cup competition, which is held in the world every year.

Archery games players use such unique weapons as a bow and arrow for shooting. To do this, you need to pull the bowstring so that the bow arc gains energy, and then release it. Once the arc is released, it converts energy into kinetic energy and sends the arrow into rapid flight.

The arrow's flight speed depends not only on the force applied by the athlete, but also on the design features of the bow. The weather has a big influence on the force of the arrow's flight and how tight the bowstring is.

Also referred to as archery games is the crossbow, which is a modified version of the bow. The athlete did not have to make so much effort to shoot a crossbow.

Athletes are categorized into longbow archery and flatbow archery shooters.

History of archery games

Archery is the very first weapon invented by mechanical means. They began to use it already in the Paleolithic era, around the 9th century BC. Such weapons were used by both hunters and soldiers. And among the nobility it was considered prestigious to master the art of archery.

In military operations, archery was used until the very end of the 19th century. In its modern form, archery is used as a sport as well as for entertainment. In the modern world, they practically do not shoot at live targets; for this, special platforms are equipped on which targets are installed.

The art of archery is associated with such famous literary characters as Robin Hood, the Musketeers, medieval knights. In archery games, you can find stories about hunting, military battles, sports competitions, as well as role-playing games stylized for a certain historical era. And you can also play the role of Cupid, who is known for being the angel who patronizes lovers and sends his arrows to their hearts.