Interesting, dangerous and mysterious creatures. No wonder the wolf has become one of the main characters of fairy tales among most peoples of the world. So, there is something special in this beast that makes it mysterious.

Why do people love wolf stories so much? Why are people so fond of playing online wolf games? Let's get it right.

What are wolves?

The wolf is one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. And although there are many animals that are superior to the wolf in speed, size and bloodthirstiness, but still the wolf is considered the most dangerous predator.

A person who turned out to be alone with the wolf has practically no chance to stay alive. Unless, of course, the wolf decides to spare a man.
A man from the earliest times has a deep respect for the wolf, because together with a dangerous temper, the wolf is also a very noble animal.
And you should know an interesting fact about the wolf: in the natural environment, these predators do not have natural enemies. The remaining animals in the animal world prefer to maintain good relations with wolves.

Wolf games characters

In the game world you can meet a variety of wolves in a variety of game genres. You can play the wolf simulator and, at least for a couple of hours, feel in the shoes of this amazing animal. You can run through the night forest, hunt for hares in the meadow and even howl at the moon.

You can choose a she-wolf from the pack and love her for life. And you can fight wolves from distant lands that threaten the safety of the pack that chose you as their leader.

And you can play wolf games, where the character is a wolf from the cartoon. There are many interesting stories where the main character is a wolf. In such stories, the wolf will definitely need speed and endurance, because these will be adventure games or races.
Wolf is a beautiful and interesting animal.

Drawing a wolf is a pleasure. This is a beautiful and courageous animal. Therefore, users are very fond of wolf games coloring and drawing. You can work out the image of the wolf to the smallest detail, you can come up with a funny outfit for him, and then save the resulting masterpiece to your hard drive or print it out for memory.

In modern wolf games, various interesting facts about wolves are reflected. If you are going to play medical games, and your patient will have a wolf, then be prepared for the fact that the wolf has 42 teeth, and not 32, like a human. If you play the quest, then know that the wolves hear very well, they can even hear what happens a dozen kilometers from them. And if you play adventure wolf games, then you need the ability of wolves to see everything perfectly even in the dark. And wolves not only run fast, almost like a car, can reach speeds of up to 55 kilometers per hour, but also swim fast.