The subway surfers games category presents games that will appeal to teenagers and those who are not afraid to take risks and love speed. Because the plot of subway surfers games is centered around a very famous and interesting animated series of the same name.

The game and the famous TV series subway surfers

The Subway Surfers cartoon was released in 2018 in Denmark. This is a comedy adventure series about a teenager Jake who loves to paint graffiti and constantly travels through subway tunnels. According to the plot of the series, Jake is forced to run away from a police inspector with a dog after painting the walls in the subway, and suddenly, in the process of his escape, he discovers a mysterious hole under the rails.

But this series was created based on the famous mobile game, which was released on all mobile platforms, and was also developed in a computer version. The authors and developers of the game Subway Surfers were companies from Denmark, SYBO Games and Kiloo. The essence of this game was to make her character Jake run away as far as possible, using a surfboard on certain sections of the rails. While running, the boy collects bonuses and game coins, after which he gets the opportunity to improve his skills in the game.

What is online subway surfers games?

The online version of subway surfers games also assumes not just a character's journey along underground rails, but also the ability to go through ninety possible missions. After all ninety missions have been completed, the character will receive gold boxes.

The online version of subway surfers games offers daily Word Hunt missions that the player must complete regularly. In order to complete such a task, the player needs to collect a certain word from the letters that he collects while running on the rails.

In addition to daily quests, there are also quests for the season: Season Hunt involves collecting figurines that symbolize the cities in which the character travels by subway.

What subway surfers games we have?

Besides Jake, there are nineteen characters in subway surfers games. Here you will also get acquainted with Fresh, Tricky and Yutani. And also in the world of online games there is a huge number of games created based on the original game. All these games have an uncomplicated plot, very simple controls.

Such games captivate and catch the player, it is impossible to tear yourself away from them. This is the reason for the popularity of the game: the number of downloads of the original subway surfers games is already over a billion.

The success of the game and the cartoon largely depends on the fact that their creator is the author of Ninjago Michael Hagner and Lego Star Wars.

Also, subway surfers games are very popular with the fact that the player has a choice of path, since several paths run in parallel. As soon as a train appears in front of the hero, he has to jump from one railway line to another. The character of these games knows how to jump onto the roofs of carriages and slide under barriers, gain speed and catch bonuses and coins on the fly.