This category contains games that are related to such a concept as "mafia". This concept is closely related to the world of crime and criminality, so mafia games is an opportunity to tickle your own nerves and fill up with adrenaline. After all, mafia games are always very dangerous.

What is the Mafia?

The word "mafia" no longer seems unusual to us, but it has only recently entered the speech of each of us. Italian criminals made this Italian word famous.

This happened when, at the end of the 19th century, a criminal community was formed in Sicily, which afterwards turned into an influential force not only in Italy, but throughout the rest of the world.

The mafia divided its influence by territories, but after the law enforcement agencies began to carry out massive work to eradicate the mafia, it slowly began to lose its strength.

But until now, the mafia is the most popular acting character in TV series and feature films. Based on the image of the mafia, many different online mafia games have been created.

What mafia groups are reflected in mafia games?

The Italian mafia is the most popular destination in mafia games. But in addition to the Italian mafia, other areas of criminal communities have existed and still exist in the world. The Italian mafia Cosa Nostra is well known.

One of the most famous mafia organizations in the world is the Yakuza. They are the Japanese mafia and are often used as characters in mafia games. The fighters of this mafia are specially trained fighters who are merciless to their enemies.

Also in the plot of mafia games, the Chinese mafia Triad can be used, which do masters of traditional oriental martial arts who carry out criminal activities around the world represent.

Also in the world, the Irish mafia, representatives of the Mexican mafia, as well as the Russian mafia, which are most widely represented in the US criminal world, pose a great danger.

What genres can be found in the mafia games category?

Games in the mafia games category are most often presented in the genre of shooters and fights, because the mafia conducts criminal activities and occasionally participates in street battles and shootings.

But there are some games in which the character needs to go through an exciting quest and solve complex puzzles.

There are many logic games in which the player needs to solve the presented tasks and solve puzzles in order to complete the task and defeat the mafia.

The main part of mafia games is represented by mixed genres of games, which have elements of racing and shooters, fights and battles, quests and adventures. Most often, in games of this category, the mafia enters into a confrontation with the police, since in real life the police and the mafia are always opposing sides.

If you play mafia games on the side of the mafia, then you will have the opportunity to use different types of weapons that the mafia always has in stock. If you play on the side of the police, then you should confront the mafia in strict accordance with the letter of the law.