Games belonging to the genre of first person shooter games are also called FPS. A feature of this category of games is that during the gameplay the player sees the location on behalf of the character, that is, in the first person. This is done for greater realism, so that the player sees what happens during the game through the eyes of the protagonist.

What are the FPS similar to other shooter games?

In many ways, FPS is similar to other games of this genre - it is also an action game, which involves gameplay, during which the character must use a certain type of firearm or several types.

But the peculiarity of the first person shooter games is that such games are made in 3D graphics, so they look very realistic.

Also, the FPS makes a story related to other representatives of the genre, which involves passing levels and battles with the enemy.


The story of the FPS games began in 1973, when the Maze War game appeared, and then the Spasim game was released. These were not yet full-fledged representatives of the genre, but in them the prerequisites for the appearance of the genre were already observed.

The genre took shape even more in 1992, when the Wolfenstein 3D game was released, and it already had all the characteristic features that later became fundamental for the genre.

The real highlight of the FPS games genre was the famous Doom game, which has not lost its popularity to this day. All those games that appeared in the following years within the framework of the genre inexorably received the label of game clones.

In subsequent years, the games that were released began to gradually enrich the genre with all sorts of additional characteristics. Representatives of the FPS games category now had quest and puzzle elements, their stories began to expand.

The genre of first person shooter games reached its peak in the 21st century, and some of these games were recognized by e-sports disciplines, and game tournaments began to be held on their basis.

What is first person shooter games?

The essence of such a game is the same shooting game, but the camera that illuminates the player’s eyes on the playing field is located in the eyes of the hero controlled by the player. Therefore, the player sees the entire gameplay from the feather face.

These games at the center of the gameplay involve battle.

For games of this genre, it is also characteristic that the character has relative freedom of movement when compared with games such as Virtua Cop, where the character moves on rails.

Many people think that it is impossible to consider first person shooter games as a separate genre, since these are still shooter games, so you should consider them only a subspecies.

After a series of experiments, the most acceptable and convenient way to control the character was recognized as the way to control with the mouse and keyboard shortcuts. Most often in the first person shooter games of the last generation, the player has a wide selection of weapon options that his character will use.