FPS (first-person shooter) games are also known as FPS (first-person shooter). The fact that the player views the world via the eyes of the character, in the first person, is a distinguishing aspect of this genre of games. This is done for realism, so the player can view what happens during the game via the protagonist's eyes.

What are the FPS similar to other shooter games?

First Person Shooter Games is comparable to other games in this genre in that it is an action game with gameplay in which the character must utilize a certain type of firearm or a combination of firearms. The first-person shooter games, on the other hand, are unique in that they are created in 3D visuals and appear to be quite realistic.

In addition, the FPS creates a tale that is similar to that of other genre representatives, which entails completing stages and fighting the opponent.


The first FPS game was produced in 1973, with the Maze War game, followed by the Spasim game in 1974.

Although they were not yet full-fledged examples of the genre, they already possessed the necessary elements for the genre's emergence.

When the Wolfenstein 3D game was published in 1992, it already featured all of the distinguishing characteristics that would eventually become essential to the genre.

The iconic Doom game was the genuine peak of the FPS games genre, and it continues to be popular to this day. All subsequent games released under the genre's structure were unavoidably labeled as game clones.

The games that were launched in the following years steadily began to enhance the genre with a variety of new features. First Person Shooter Games began to incorporate quest and puzzle components, and their narrative began to expand.

In the twenty-first century, the genre of first-person shooter games achieved its pinnacle, and some of these games were recognized by e-sports disciplines, and game competitions based on them began to be conducted.

What is the definition of first-person shooter games?

The essence of such a game is the same shooting game, but the camera that lights the player's eyes on the playing field is positioned in the player's hero's eyes.

As a result, the player can view the entire game via the feather face. Battle is at the core of these games' gameplay.

When compared to games like Virtua Cop, where the character moves on rails, this genre's games are also notable for the character's relative freedom of movement.

Many people believe that first-person shooter games cannot be considered a different genre because they are still shooter games, hence they should be considered a subspecies. Following a series of tests, the most acceptable and easy method of controlling the character was identified as using the mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

In most last-generation first-person shooter games, the player has a large number of weapon options to choose from for his character.